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    Default Ghallanda Guild Leaders United

    I'm trying to get a handle on which guild leaders are still active here on Ghallanda.

    Does not matter if your guild is 3 accounts strong or have 100+ active accounts. I'm not interested in the solo guilds for purpose of this post. I've always enjoyed chatting with other guild leaders, sharing ideas etc. and I think it would be a valuable resource for leaders and officers of all sized guilds, and all play styles to realize there is still a guild pulse in DDO and especially right here on Ghallanda.

    Please mention the guild leader by their in-game name (whatever character they are best known as)

    Tyrs Paladium
    Guild Co-Leaders Paksenarion and Mississippee (that's me)

    The Shadowtouched
    Guild Co-Leaders Kestros and Aerle

    Laugh While You Can
    Guild Leader - Boford

    Warders of the Iron Ring
    Guild Leader - Shabui

    The Noble Order of the Unicorn
    Guild Leader: Slaymor

    The Fellowship
    Guild leader: Rougewin

    Circle of Night
    Guild Leader: Brawynn

    Helter Skelter
    Guild Co-Leaders: Hegenome and Kimbere

    The Rusty Nails Adventurers
    Guild Leader: Goodee-1

    The Two Brothers and Friends

    Guild Leader:

    Guild Leader: Mikarto (Danish speaking guild)

    Leader: Panicattack

    Pinoy's Finest
    Leader: Dassen

    Council of Healing Spellswords
    Leader: Symplicyti

    The Ale Order
    Leader: Mrgrigor

    Upper Caves of Anthia
    Leader: Chippacabre

    Southern Tenants Farmers Union

    Leader: Caireen
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