With my children I have decided to run a new 5e D&D RPG campaign set in world of Eberron.

I have worked out the basis of the over theme of the campaign with plans to move the characters along, but as I dig in to get the campaign moving I discovered I need a lot more specific ideas for content. That's why I am writting here today, I need help and hopefully someone here has got some ideas.

Katt is a Halfling Druid, twice orphaned it seems. Once at birth and than after being adopted her mother disappears in her late teens.
Hynry is a Human Ranger, formerly a scout in the Baker's Dozen, a free militia unit in the Breland Army.
Gun is a Warforged Artificer who has spent his whole life seemingly working in a single lab on one repetitive project after another. He wants to to see the world.

NPC - Guff'ry a Half-Orc cleric or Aereon (Sovereign Host) a former sailor who heard the calling of Aereon louder than that of the sea.
NPC - Baggs a Warforged Fighter, alcoholic, who needs guidance. I am not sure Guff'ry is the one to provide it.

Initial Setting
Sharn, The Black Anvil Inn.

Katt's story Arc. Find the orphanage she grew up in initially in Sharn, learn about Madam Sun and mysterious Giselle who adopted her.
Hynry's story Arc. Captain Baker was disgraced and thrown out the Breland military after it was discovered he was providing troop information to the Droam. Unsure of who know what and when the Baker's Dozen was disbanded and the members summarily kicked from the service. Hynry wants to rebuild his life and hopes his past never finds him.
Gun Story Arc. He knows something that he shouldn't he just doesn't know what it is. The Twelve have decided to watch him from afar and hopes of learning his secret.

I have a few encounters set up but I am looking for addition adventure hooks for the low level characters before the bigger story catches up with them.
Any ideas?