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    Default PB's Collectibles Brokerage

    Finally had the time to go through and see what I have, so here's how this is going to work.

    Collectibles are broken down by rarity. If they're marked with a *, that means they're a "high demand" collectible. If they're marked with an X, that means it's an ultra-common collectible and I have too many already, I will not accept them in trade for anything, but I'll trade you 5 for any other collectible should you happen to need some.

    I will trade 1 for 1 within rarity EXCEPT "high demand" collectibles, which I will only trade for other "high demand" collectibles regardless of rarity.

    I will also pay platinum for "high demand" collectibles, or swap them for other ingredients such as dragon scales, shroud ingredients, etc. So, if you're looking to offload some of these, let me know.

    If you want to trade, send an in-game mail to Kimmh containing:

    1. The stack of collectibles you are offering.
    2. What you want in return.

    If I don't like the trade, I'll send you back what you sent me. If you send me a bunch of messages with proposed trades but no trade goods, or you waste my time on a bunch of proposed negotiations, I will just block you. I am not going to argue. The point of this is to flip collectibles conveniently and with minimum fuss because it's a pain in the butt to find what you need on the auction house when you actually need it.

    SMALL TRADES ONLY. I'm not looking to help you stock up, trades should be in the numbers that you'd actually use the item in.
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    Default Commons

    Zygomycota Fungus 473
    Withered Cryptmoss 1000 X
    Sweet Whitecap 1000 X
    Swaying Mushroom Cluster 591
    String of Prayer Beads 1000 X
    Sour Darkcap 155
    Smoldering Ember 379
    Small Planar Crystal 915 X
    Slime Mold 251
    Skull Fragment 792 X
    Singed Soarwood 531
    Runic Parchment 5 *
    Ruddy Fungus 1000 X
    Romantic Sonnet 19 *
    Ritual Candle 385
    Powdered Blood 283
    Phoenix Tavern Purchase Order 437
    Page Torn from a Research Notebook 10 *
    Mystical Formula 263
    Mortar and Pestle 98
    Lodestone 760
    Glittering Dust 587
    Funerary Token 1000
    Flint Knife 406
    Duskbrood Trumpeter 492
    Cryptmoss Worm Larva 424
    Cryptic Message 161
    Crypt Moth 135
    Chipped Bone Talisman 759
    Ceramic Bowl 506
    Caravan Logbook 65 *
    Bruised Spore Pod 313
    Brass Censer 578
    Blessed Candle 992
    Blade of the Dark Six 1000 X
    Ancient Text 159
    Amulet of the Lost Empire 1000 X
    Amber Vial 725

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    Default Uncommons

    Wavecrasher Cargo Manifest 284
    Warehouse Ledger 100
    Vial of Pure Water 128
    Vial of Heavy Water 112
    Swaying Mushroom Spore Pod 214
    Stone Fetish 81
    Sparkling Dust 269
    Small Wooden Idol 841
    Silver Flame Hymnal 14 *
    Silver Bowl 316
    Signet of the Devourer 643
    Scholarly Notes 171
    Research Diary 295
    Pouch of Bone Fragments 287
    Polished Ore 70
    Planar Spoor 368
    Ornate Charm 80
    Moonstone 380
    Mark of the Keeper 553
    Khyber Prayer Pamphlet 52
    Ivory Scorpion Icon 310
    Intact Spore Pod 157
    House-Sealed Letter 57
    Headsman Beetle 408
    Hairy Trumpet 75
    Glowmoss Spores 54
    Glass Phial 98
    Fragrant Drowshood 5 *
    Fractured Femur 141
    Deadly Feverblanch 593
    Cryptmoss Worm 56
    Cryptmoss 204
    Charred Soarwood 286
    Bloodfeast Fungus 419
    Blister Beetle 72
    Archaic Logbook 82
    Amulet of the Six 567
    Academic Treatise 231

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    Vial of Dragon's Blood Ink 45
    Vial of Contagion 58
    Tome: Stormreach Imports and Exports, 857YK 57
    Tome: Prophecies of Khyber 43
    Tome: Myths of Old Xen'drik 53
    Tome: Lost Songs of Cyre 21
    Tome: History of the Houses 12
    Tome: Codes of the Aurum 22
    Tome: Alchemist's Chapbook 56
    Token of the Spider 12
    Tear of Vulkoor 33
    Stellar Orb 36
    Shimmering Spore Pod 37
    Shamanic Totem 193
    Scarlet Cryptmoss 25
    Sanguine Moth 64
    Ritual Athame 57
    Prismatic Dust 27
    Planar Talisman 51
    Pale Creeper 69
    Oceanic Sphere 34
    Necromantic Gem 155
    Lush Cryptmoss 70
    Luminescent Dust 132
    Lightning-Split Soarwood 54 *
    Intact Fingerbone 13
    Icon of Khyber 132
    Glowmoss Clump 64
    Flowering Spore Pod 18
    Flowering Hellscap 15
    Executioner Beetle 14
    Encoded Communique 9
    Elemental Ingot 14
    Crystal Decanter 28
    Cryptmoss Queen 60
    Amulet of the Archbishop 69
    Adventuring Oratorio 16

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