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    Default A Shout-Out to Band of Gypsys

    Howdy all.

    I recently returned to DDO after being away for a couple years (the fist part of my doctoral program didn't leave much time for leisure activities). I had a few lives under my belt from my first go-round, and am on my second life this time around. I have at least at least a vague memory of nearly all the game content, and a decent understanding of how to play (building a strong character, game mechanics, and so on). I can solo most content on Hard, and a good amount on Elite, so I figured I could at least make a contribution to a group in Reaper mode. I was wrong.

    I'm pure cleric this life, currently mid-level. I have specced as both a light cannon and as a positive energy/heal/turn undead burst-bot. I can't turn **** in Reaper. What's more, I'm not particularly enjoying cleric. It seems that most of what a cleric can do a low- to mid-levels can be accomplished with consumables. Anyway, back to the point of my thread...

    For a few of my first Reaper runs, I had the fortune of running with some members of Band of Gypsys. They dominated; I'm pretty sure they could have soloed R1 easily. I sucked; it's a good thing soul stones don't weigh anything. I was largely relegated to either following at distance, or trying to help and risk dying. At one point, I thanked them and was going to leave in between quests so as not to keep weighing them down. They would't let me. Damn decent folks. If I ever get to the point where I feel like I can make a contribution, there are certainly the type of guild I'd love to join.

    I just felt they deserved a shout-out..

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    On behalf of BOG thank you, and if you want to join us look me up in-game as there is always someone running the tr train
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