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    Default lf static tr group on argo

    I'm looking to get back into the game on a casual basis focusing on the heroic tr cycle.

    I'm interested in playing a few times a week depending on other people's schedules. My availability/preferred times are Mondays, Thursdays, and after 10pm EST on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Session duration can be however long but I would prefer at least around an hour, especially if the groups meets fewer times a week rather than more.

    The server I play on is Argonessen.

    The content I'm interested in playing is the 1-20 tr cycle on reaper 1. I don't really see any reason to play on a lower difficulty and I don't see any particular reason to play on a higher difficulty though I am not opposed to that. I'd like to keep everyone within 2 levels of each other (8-9, 14-15) so unless everyone is able to benefit from the same xp modifiers specific individuals would potentially be asked to wait before taking levels and/or forfeit xp by running as many quests as necessary to catch up others, or simply wait for them if preferred. I have no rules about the relative speed at which you can or can't play the game. If you want to break every barrel that's fine, but I'm not going to wait specifically for you to do that because that isn't adventuring, that's just your prerogative (and also usually xp/time inefficient which isn't my main concern but I don't like sitting around for nothing). If you want to zerg ahead and finish the quest for me that is also fine as long as you alert me to equip voice of the master in advance. I also have no rules about equipment acquisition and usage or banking. I'm not looking for permadeath or anything, just playing the game. The only mandatory requirement I have for doing this is access to or ability to purchase all content packs necessary.

    The type of people I'm interested in playing with are people who are willing to commit a little bit of time as well as one and only one character to a static group for mutual progression through the game and more importantly fun. I'm not interested in the accumulated power of your character or lack thereof or how much you know about the game. I'm more than willing to teach any newer players the ropes if that is appealing. A good attitude is really all I'm looking for. My personal desire for group cohesion would be everybody tries to go along to get along; we all try to complete quests in a manner which everyone can enjoy, we don't pop xp pots when others can't or won't, things like that.

    Qualities of potential party members I am not interested in are:
    1) Asking in any form for real life assistance/anything; I haven't seen this be an issue in this particular game before, just being clear.
    2) Inappropriate broadcasting of personal information. If you have depression/back problems/a ****** job/a cheating girlfriend, feel free to share or occasionally seek emotional support. Do not pointlessly raise the issue every 30 seconds and expound upon it endlessly.
    3) People who are going to flake. Seems obvious.
    4) People who are not the same type of ******* as I am. If you think "I shot the bird because he was on my fence. The fence is my property so he had no right to be there" makes any sense or is funny in its own right, I do not want to talk to you.
    5) People who talk too much about stats in the game.

    Currently my character is level seven and I would like to start there, I can make a new character to start at level one (not four, would have to be on a new account) to help people get up to level seven if necessary.

    If you are interested either reply in this thread or pm me with times and any questions. I will be checking at least once a week.
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