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    Default Gearing Up goals for a melee

    Hi all, Tyrius here... Unless you are on Ghallanda, then it's your pal Ugleee Assin.

    Been spending a lot of time on the wiki, trying to come up with a end all, be all gear set for endgame. I am currently a PDK Paladin Vanguard (shoutout to EllisDee and his Vanguard Newbie build), just hit 30, and currently running Tier 2 TF B.sword w/ PDK shield, and Shadowscale plate w/ Guardian addon. Mainly lvl 20 PDK gear filling in the other slots.

    Anyhow, enough of the thorough backstory. At some point, I do wish to do a bunch of ERs, then some TRs, and a few RRs, but doubt I will ever follow through on any Epic Completionist. I just know being so far behind the game, and due to the iffy amounts of players I see, I feel now is the best time to worry about gear for subsequent lives. I will always be a melee in heavy armor, that's just what I more or less..."know"

    Finally, I compiled a list after a few hours of hunting the wiki, to come up with a gear loadout for survivability and good dps (I hope)

    Without further ado (I talk a lot):

    Helm : Legendary Sojourner Cowl
    Armor: Epic Emerald Guard
    Cape: Legendary Slate-Scale Cape
    Bracers: Epic Babette's Bracers
    Gloves: Gauntlets of the Aggressor
    Necklace: Epic Lion's Mane
    Eyewear: Legendary Lenses of the Orator
    Trinket: Epic Eagle's Eye
    Belt: Battlerager's Harness (maybe, raids don't fill well)
    Ring 1: Epic Ivy Helix
    Ring 2: Epic Laurel Helix
    Footwear: Epic Ship Kickers

    I was also thinking maybe slotting in the 2-piece Fabricators Ingenuity (Fabricator's Bracers and Gauntlets for the Rage-like Cannith Combat infusion, but more for the 25% stacking fortification. The helm, armor, and cape above should put me at 280% fort, the Fabricator set would take me to 305% which I hear 300 is the goal.

    Any input on my list? I don't figure much on crafting, except maybe in time for levelling gear. I am more of a quest guy. Any information or comments will be appreciated.
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    Updated to link all the items, to make it easier for any potential readers.

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    I used a lot of the same gear for my Intim tank last life, with a few changes or course. It all depends on what you want to do with your toon, but I think you got the bases covered. I went with the shadowplate like you mentioned, for example. And I could never pull the gloves of aggressor, so grats on that.

    So the fort question: Last I heard , you needed enough fort to be over 100 after you subtracted the CR of the mob you were fighting. Not counting any mob fort debuffs they use on you of course.
    So whats the highest CR mob you will face? And add 100 to that. But what kind of fort debuffs can they use...
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