I'm a 36 years old french player of ddo. I'm a huge fan of rpgs, played AD&D pnp for years, learnt english playing "Lands of Lore" and "Might & Magic IV" on PC when i was 13...

Came on this game in '09, very slowly at start (was full f2p, took me almost 2 years to TR for the first time and get my GS for example). I had breaks, one lasted 2 years, but i love this game and come back with new goals and friends every time
I think i'm persistant when i like something, played Asheron's Call for 12 years lol (until server closed).

As of today i've never been in a guild that represented more than a ship and its buffs, except for a one-year session with Ironpope (btw wb Ironpope ). And i havent done much raids.

So what im looking for is a guild that's active, i need to learn/practice new content, know the items i should farm, and above all, find ppl to play with, while levelling, and to do raids with.

I'm fluent in english, and often play late at night, so im not looking specificaly for a european guild.

My main's name is : Noirah
plz contact me ingame, or post an answer here