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    Default Combat Archery and Thrown Weapons

    So lately I have been scouring the forums and the wiki trying to learn more about thrower builds so I can try out Vistani, but one unanswered question keeps coming up in my mind: Does Combat Archery work on Throwing weapons, or just Crossbows/Bows?

    Here is the link the wiki provides to the past research on this feat. Although they debated looking into throwers, this was never done.

    With Vistani quickly gaining popularity, I figured it was time to revisit this feat. So I borrowed Lamannia (I promise I generally use Lamannia for actual preview testing too and not just mythbusting), swapped some feats, and checked stats. I didn't run any DPS testing admittedly (mostly due to lack of knowledge), but my more simplistic method worked nonetheless.

    Combat archery provides +1 [W] damage to a bow. As the wiki describes, this number appears in front of the brackets where dice are displayed, as indicated below by the red arrows. I tested the Shatterbow as a control. The only thing changed variable-wise was presence or absence of Combat Archery. Also, there were no Epic Destinies taken to avoid interference with the results.

    As you can see by the image, the multiplier increased by exactly +1 [W] on both weapons, indicating that Combat Archery does indeed work on thrown weapons. I also tested other thrown weapon types with identical results.

    While I suppose it is possible that I missed someone on the forums who may have tested this in the past, I figured it would be helpful for people building Vistani thrower builds to know that this ability is useful for their build.


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    It's always worked like this.

    The only reason no one knew the answer off-hand, is because for the longest time, the only viable thrower build was shuriken.

    A feat for +1d2 damage wasn't worth it, so no one took the feat on thrower toons.

    Sure, there was the odd axe-thrower bard, but they were few, and far between, and generally fell off compared to shurikens once dex hits around 40ish.

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    Thank you for doing this and sharing the results, especially with the screenshots. Things change, including how mechanics and such within the game itself work, so it's good to get an up to date look on these interactions every now and again (and despite what some may think, new players do come to DDO - not in droves, but there is a trickle - and they do not have the knowledge base the vets have, and many of the resources they have at their disposal - ddowiki and the forums - are not always up to date, or simply assume preexisting knowledge that may not always be there... so again, it's great to get an up to date and in depth look at these mechanics, noticing changes, or confirming they still work as before)

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