Greetings all.

(I've posted this in the Recruitment subforum as well).

The Legendary Warriors of Ghallanda (LWoG for short) is a level 200 guild on the Ghallanda server with ~400 active accounts at this time. We are a home to all kinds of players (zergers and flower sniffers, new players and vets of many years, end gamer's and TR junkies, power-gamers and fluff-builds, and everything in between). The thing that binds us together is love of the game, respect (for everyone, in the guild and those not in our guild), and a desire to help new players when possible.

Normally we have a restricted recruitment policy, and only seek out new members a few times a year. We do not want trolls among our ranks, and - with the number of active accounts we have - we have often reached the character capacity of guilds and been unable to recruit more. However, during the Night Revels, we will be opening our doors for meet-and-greets and possible recruitment! If you're new to the game, we'd love meet you and have you join us. Ask us questions, and we'll do our best to give you answers and advice. If you're a vet in need of a guild, we have room for you too! We're looking for people with good hearts, willing to help those with less experience than themselves in a respectful manner, and people who just want to have fun (provided that fun does not involve trolling others).

Not sure if we're the right guild for you? That's no problem! In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to test the waters! During the Night Revels event many of us LWoGers will be running the Night Revels in groups open to all. We want to meet you, and we want you to meet us. Party with us. Get to know us, and we'll try to get to know you. Join a group and ask for an airship invite to check out our home in the skies. If you enjoy the experience and we think you're a good person, take the next step and join our ranks! If not, that's ok too. We're not for everyone, and we respect your right to play the game in the way best suited for you.

Also check out our website at

If you have any questions, I'm happy to try and address what I can here. In game, you can contact me (Vryxnr) or our other officers in charge of recruitment (Erroid and Ghouldrool) or our leader (Nofaec).

See you in game, and lets bash some undead together!