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    I am a DDO founder, who hasnt played the game since 2011 I think? Logged on around then, saw GS was a thing, played a few weeks and dropped it again as it seemed a grind. It seems my toon still has a GS bow in his inventory but not sure what to do with it.

    I miss DDO though and have yet to find anything else like it. Im looking to get back into DDO but before I drop a bunch of money on stat tomes and such in the DDO store, I wanted to see how active the game is, how active Khyber server is, and if there is an active largish guild open to taking an old player and showing them the new ropes.

    A little about me: Im a dad. 45 years old. Willing to invest time and money into having a good toon that can help the guild (minus reincarnating 30 times for the new racial completionist bonus, thats just insane). Will need help learning all the new content and relearning all the old stuff. I play a ranger and will be respec'ing to Strimtom's acid build. I live on the east coast and will be available evenings and weekends, but will play during the day some as well.

    Let me know if anyone is open, active and interested in adding me.

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    *crickets chirping*

    Anyone from Guildless Guild or Lava or any active guilds?
    Anyone else playing daily?

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    Thanks for your pm. I have replied to it.

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    Welcome back!

    Khyber is alive and well and welcomes you back.

    Check out link in my sig to help catch you up!

    Have fun storming the castle(s)!!! Yes, there are castles now!

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