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    Default An idea for making melee worth playing in reaper

    This is not something that solves all the problems, but it could make things more interesting.

    Bring back mortal fear on Thunder forged weapons. Buff mortal fear, but only allow it to work in reaper.

    Yes, my melee characters would still die with one shot, but then I would have a chance to kill the mobs before I go down.

    That is all. Time to get back to playing the game.

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    such a bad idea its not even funny. well, it might be a little bit funny. lol.
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    By the way, sorry for the folks I dropped the death cube on. Except I'm not sorry.
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    Due to the rising costs of OlladraCare, the Coin Lords laid off Mari and outsourced her job to foreigners.

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    Class balance isn't a black-or-white...issue...

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