hello there,
at the moment i play 18 rouge 2 arti bladeborged (used +1lr heart) i use sneak attacks evasion and self heal
i played arti a few times before update 36 so no idea how the new arti is.
im level 29 about to cap and my questsion is :
should i tr to wf arti or keep my current build and just etr?

i really liked the blade barrier on arti and ever since nowdays getting spell power on gear is not as hard' but im not sure how is in late epics.

i was thinkng of pure' 18 arti 2 rouge or mabye even more (but 16 is the minimum as i want repair and\or blade barrier\deadly weapon

or maybe even splash ranger for feats and more dps

i like the ability to cast but i dont know how to make viable witouht cripling dps (need more feats to magic)

anyone had that dilema too?