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    Default Returning player- LFG with -voice- chat, activity, and population online!

    I realize I may be asking too much now as this is basically a dying game, but I don't think that is the only reason for why I'm having such difficulty with this.

    MMOs have changed radically in the past few years. The social element of them is optional now, which is an alien concept to me especially w/ a game like DDO where you had to have a functioning group to be successful at one time.

    With the absurdity of the "pop out cleric" and the power creep those days are long gone, I don't want to turn this post about the really bad direction DOO took in general.

    What I do want to post about is asking is there a guild that has activity every day, voice chat (ideally Discord, Teamspeak, Ventrilo, etc) since voice in DDO leaves something to be desired and is not guild friendly, and lastly has a somewhat healthy population of active players. Is this a unicorn now in gaming that I'm chasing or does this exist anymore? I've not seen much evidence of it in DDO anyways.

    Thanks for anyone who may be able to help me locate like-minded folks.

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    Default Unrepentant Gaming

    Hi there.

    The Unrepentant is an adult multi gaming community with an active DDO branch. With our multi game approach we put an emphasis on the community and the social aspect of gaming. The DDO branch has 15 or so active members across EU and US time zones and uses mumble for in game communication.

    We are a casual guild that takes enjoying our games seriously.

    Check out the web site at or find an officer in game.

    Good luck.
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