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    Default Seeking guild for 6 players

    Hey, we're starting rp static group Sunday nights on sarlona. There's 6 of us and rather than make our own guild, we're looking to join one that doesn't mind that 4 of us are based off Khyber and so will only be logging on for the weekly group. The other 2 are looking for a guild for all their toons lol.

    Wed prefer an rp focused guild, but que Sera Sera.
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    We can surely provide a home for you guys-

    Check us out at - we have an active website we use to help follks quest - build - etc...

    Don't mind if you log in once a week or a month for that matter...

    Happy hunting!

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    Default Gaming guild

    If what you are looking for is a ddo guild but also the opportunity to play other MMOs with the same guild mates have a look at

    We are a mature gaming community playing may different games but also of course the best - DDO.

    Play times and frequencies are entirely voluntary once you pass the application process.
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    Swords of the Light lvl 173 is always looking for new members.
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