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    Cool LF Guild with voice chat. I have a lot to learn :)

    I started playing in 2013 but I quit because leveling a 1/7 elf thief/mage solo without a hireling was rough.

    I logged back in and these past few days I've played a cleric warpriest and have gone through content waaay faster with this beast. DDO feels like a totally different game now. Way more fun. It's now my main (only) MMO.

    Would really like a guild that uses voice chat


    Dagorelh (the human cleric who reads game guides and has a decent build haha)
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    Hi there, dont know if you are still looking but if you are and an adult gaming community with a DDO branch looks like your thing then check out our web site at

    We use mumble for voice chat.

    We have a solid core of US and EU time zone players, a massive airship stuffed with amenities and a helpful crowd of peeps.
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