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    Question Master's Touch not working lately

    My arcane builds are Eldritch Knights until roughly level 12. I pass around a Carnifex as I need and just cast Master's Touch on it to have proficiency with it.
    Last night (Friday, June 30th) I noticed that I still had the message on my screen that I'm not proficient after I cast the Master's Touch spell while holding the Carnifex.
    I figured it might be bugging and it may go away the next time I log in. Logged in tonight and tried it again with the same result.

    Does anyone else have this issue? I've been doing this with no problems for over 6 years on all my arcane casters.
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    I know this is probably an unnecessary question, but you are not trying to scroll cast it, are you?

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    The message is definitely about Carnifex? It's not about armor you aren't proficient with, or a shield, or even just telling you you're encumbered and/or not centered (if you have monk levels)?

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    Master's Touch is also not working for me. I keep casting it, and it keeps telling me that I'm still not proficient with the martial weapon and shield, although it should.

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