Hey All!

My name is BandVP from Orien, and i have recently created a new guild named Blood Brother's.

I created the guild as i was fed up of being in disorganized guilds. By this i mean guilds that are almost at maximun player capacity, guilds that do not have a time table. This is a problem as their are many players such as i, who want to play the game. In Blood Brother's their will be a timetable showing what we are running and when. At Blood Brother's we are all friendly to eachother.

We are not 100% serious, and we do like to have a bit of a laugh. We are a community as well as a guild, we enjoy the game, whilst completing out missions/quests.
We will not openly recruit like many other guilds.

We will have a discord channel, which you can join if you like.

Your alts can also join the guild if you want.

We hope to not exceed 100 players.

You have to be fairly active, if your not on for 1 month, then you get kicked, unless you have a valid reason ie- Im On Holiday.

Blood Brother's is currently level one, and does not contain a ship. However by the end of this weekend we will have one with a few buffs in it.

Overall i believe that Orien has a great community, and Blood Brother's wants to bring out the best of it.

If you want to join, please leave a comment or mail me in game. I play daily, and also i will check this forum daily.

Thank You For Reading,

Have A Good Day!