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    Default The Thousand Swords ~ recruiting vet, new & returning players!

    The Thousand Swords, a Cannith-based guild, is recruiting new members! New players, returning players, and veteran players alike are welcome. We are level 62 and our guild airship is a Daedalean Trefoil. We have nearly all the buffs available to us at the level we are currently at active on the ship at all times. We currently have about 12 members, though some are more active than others. 3 of the veteran players are on nearly daily, myself being one of them, and we have alts at almost every level range to play with and assist all members. We are not currently focused on epic content, though some of us do have epic-level characters. Since our guild is mostly comprised of newer and returning players at the moment, we are mostly focusing on running heroics. There is no current guild raid night but as more members join and are interested, we'd be happy to schedule one. We have no age requirements but we do cuss in guild chat so if thats something thats going to bother you, this probably isn't the guild for you. We currently have 1 guild chest on the ship located in the cargo hold, all we ask is that if you take anything from it, it is to use it, not just sell it on the ah.there is no requirements as to how often you must play/log on. I will not be removing anyone for inactivity. however, if you know ahead of time that you will be unable to login for longer than 1wk, it would be great if you could let myself or an officer know. Voice chat is not something we currently have but if enough people are interested in it, i'll get vent or ts (i like to talk hehe). If you are interested in an invite or learning more, feel free to respond below, send me a pm or contact Zylitsuki or Zlorelei in game. (:
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    Leader of The Thousand Swords, a Cannith-based guild. We are always recruiting people who enjoy playing the game as much as we do. Contact 'Zylitsuki' in game for more info.

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