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    Default Whats the ranking of Epic Destinies?

    Pretty much what it says in title. Wondering what ones are really great Epic destinies and which can suck an elf.

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    I'll take a stab at a vacuum...without considering class I would rate them as follows:

    1. Divine Crusader (Useful for a LOT of different class configurations)
    2. Primal Avatar (Solely for the purpose of taking Cocoon)
    3. Fury of the Wild (Fury Shooters are very strong)
    4. Magister (For boosting Caster DC's)
    5. Shiradi Champion (Shiradi Nukers can be very useful in Legendary and Reaper)
    6. Unyielding Sentinel
    7. Legendary Dreadnaught (Was probably tops before Masters Blitz Nerf)
    8. Exhalted Angel
    9. Draconic Incarnation (Nice DPS tree if you can get your DC's high enough)
    10. Shadow Dancer
    11. Grand Master of Flowers
    12. Fatesinger

    Shadow Dancer and Grand Master of the Flowers might be pretty good...but I rarely play Rogues and Never play monks. I just have never found any use in Fatesinger.

    Note...this is just my opinion and most people will have different opinions.
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    Destiny i want to play at the time > all other destinies
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    It's better to talk about which ones are ideal for which types of builds. For example, a melee will have no use for magister, but it might be good for a DC caster.

    ~For any standard dps melee (e.g. fighter, barb, paladin, ranger, etc.) or ranged dps build (e.g. mechanic, artificer, ranger, etc.) legendary dreadnaught will offer the highest dps, but divine crusader offers both solid dps and good self healing.
    ~Fury of the wild is the destiny for burst dps manyshot builds.
    ~Grandmaster of flowers is good on a wis based monk but next to useless for any other kind of build.
    ~Shadowdancer is great for rogues, assassins in particular, and just OK for other builds.
    ~Unyielding sentinel is really only for tanks. I know some people use it to boost their survivability, but that should only be a very temporary solution imo. They should really find other ways to boost their defenses so they can run in a more useful destiny.
    ~Draconic incarnation is great for dps casters built for a particular element.
    ~Exalted angel is great for any DC caster but especially so for divine casters.
    ~Magister can be good for DC casters.
    ~Shiradi champion is good for shiradi caster builds and for shuriken builds, both due to their extremely high rate of fire and therefore increased proc chances. It is really a terrible destiny for other ranged builds imo. Dreadnaught, fury, or crusader are much better options.
    ~Primal avatar is primarily for tree builds. It is OK for TWF builds, but I wouldn't want it as a primary destiny because you can simply twist what is most useful for them.
    ~Fatesinger is just OK on a bard, and even that is a stretch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loromir View Post
    10. Shadowdancer

    Shadow Dancer and Grand Master of the Flowers might be pretty good...but I rarely play Rogues and Never play monks.
    I don't have much experience above reaper 3, but i can attest that Shadow makes for some sexy dps and utility on my mechanic. The capstone is basically deception, plus the debuff (removal of sneak resistance) helps any other class with any sneak attack in the party. That allows me to use a tf paralyzer xbow for extra easy cc, but that's not unique to shadow.

    Plus it has a ddoor clickie. Lord yes, gimme all of that.

    That being said though, fury makes quick work of near anything. Especially on a G-Xbow with Pin. It's not even worth considering dread just for that. Maybe on a repeater build or an archer, but not with a G-Xbow.
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