TMO will accept any players, but I have a particular interest in players who appreciate effective teamwork. I began The Midkemian Order because I prefer to play through quests using teamwork, tactics, and thinking instead of sprinting through them as fast as possible after memorizing each quest. The few groups I have been with basically just sprinted through quests they already memorized. My guess is their only interest was farming treasure and XP. Well, I have different interests.

I began playing D&D back when AD&D first came out. Then I played AD&D II and just every PC version of the game as far as I know. BTW, Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II are still the best so far imho. Anyway, I prefer to play through each quest one time, the first time through, and do it on Elite. Frankly, on the lower difficulty settings they are rather easy. So far my main character as done about 15 quests solo (not counting one or two hirelings for support) on elite the first time through. I hope to find some players with similar interests to join TMO so we can put together balanced parties as the quests get more and more difficult. With the right teammates doing some quests on Reaper mode is the next goal.

Regardless, anyone who joins TMO and helps build the guild will be free to do their own thing. TMO is open to all players regardless of their experience, level, or class as long as they can respect everyone else. Solo hermits and occasional casual players are just as welcome as regular players who want to form balanced parties some times as well as anyone with an interest in amount of role-playing.

Message JAMESMARTIN KRONDOIAN in game, or respond here. Thanks for your time.