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    Question Do EDs give you mana or KI

    I just maxed out my first ever epic destiny. I'm a pure fighter and maxed Dreadnought. As I'm still leveling up in epic levels, I'd like to open another destiny or 2 before I hit the level cap. My main question is, if I select a destiny, say GMoF do I get the ability to use KI? Or if I go into a destiny that gives mana and has abilities that require mana, do I actually get a mana pool. Or are all of those destinies basically pointless since I can't use half of their features. Same goes for sneak attack etc etc. Am I kind of borked on epic destinies because I focused on being a fighter?

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    Try reading the core ability descriptions? (The answer is yes you get ki but it's not a lot and you have to meet the requirements for being centered or it won't build up.)

    Spell points are a little easier since you can equip spell point items or use augments to help out.

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    The wiki is your friend.

    Short answer: yes, GMoF grants ki, but as Krelar said you have to be centered in order to use it; i.e., no armor, light encumbrance, only ki weapons equipped (includes your Kensei Focus weapons if you have One with Blade). You don't gain monk stances, though, so you can only use GMoF abilities which require ki. I believe the passive ki regen from Kensei Contemplation will apply in GMoF too.

    Caster EDs usually grant spell points in the cores. You can also take the Magical Training feat if you want. And you can always equip SP items. So there are always ways of having SPs so you can use, e.g., Know the Angles or Rejuvenation Cocoon even on a non-caster.

    Most sources of sneak attack will stack together; you don't need to be getting any from your class to benefit from, e.g., Shadowdancer's 6d6 SA or SA gear. You just need to find a way of making mobs vulnerable to sneak atks: e.g., Deception gear, Stunning Blow.
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