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    Default First time Epic Destiny help

    I had been playing around with multiple chars in the sub 20 levels trying to avoid the epic scene as long as possible but finally hit 20 with my Bard and Cleric.
    I looked at the wiki on Epic destinies and my head just did a "Regan headspin" :P

    I think I get the gist of it, but don't have a clue about what destinies to start out working on.

    Given that the first destiny choice is a one time thing looking for advice for both classes.

    Which should be first destiny for Bard ( Warchanter), and Cleric (Battlepriest), and should I max them out before moving to another, and which others to go to first after completing first?

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    Although Epic Destinies might appear intimidating, you'll soon find there are a LOT of interesting possibilities they present.
    The bottom line is you can't really choose "wrong".

    But on to your actual question. I'd say there are two possible strategies here. The first is to pick the ED that best matches
    your typical playstyle for the character, and then just play as you normally would, picking up abilities as you level your
    chosen ED, and you don't really have to make another choice until you totally max out that first ED. Then you'll probably
    want to choose another so as not to "waste" ED XP.

    If you have your eye on some specific things you want to twist in, then you might want to pick the "bridge" ED from your
    sphere - that is, the one that connects to the next sphere (so for Cleric, this is Unyielding Sentinel). That way, you can
    unlock the next sphere over as soon as possible and start making your way across the tree. The added thing you need
    to keep in mind is that there will be quests where you will want to be in your "ideal" ED from your home sphere (like
    maybe raids or EE/Reaper content), and then you'll switch back to the non-ideal EDs you're leveling to go run some quests
    on Normal just to advance them. That sort of thing.

    Since EDs don't reset with TR, you'll fill them all eventually no matter what you do, so don't sweat it. Worst case you
    have to level your starter ED to level 3 before you unlock the bridge ED.

    Have fun!

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    Ah, so you asked for specific ED recommendations. I haven't played a Bard, but I've played a lot of Clerics, so here's my two bits on that:

    Unyielding Sentinel is a tanking-focused tree. Lots of focus on survival (tons of extra hit points, stacking fortitude increases) but one
    gem you'll definitely want is Divine Energy resistance. This gives your whole party a boosted Resist-all-energies buff. This is something
    I always twist in when going to other destinies. Having another 200hp never hurts.

    Divine Crusader probably fits with the Battlepriest most closely - lots of stuff in here for putting the smack on evil/undead. Endless Turning
    is super nice if you didn't go deep into the Radiant Servant enhancement tree (and even if you did) to keep those Radiant Bursts/Auras coming.

    Exalted Angel fits better with a light-focused caster, but stuff like Judgement is a hoot when running quests with a lot of undead
    like House of Death Undone. In your case, I'd probably level this one last.

    So, if you're looking to run harder content, Unyielding Sentinel is a good start, as well as being the bridge ED. Otherwise, I'd go Divine Crusader.
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    not too far in the future you will find that suitable destinies give your character a decent powerup once leveled up to higher ranks, whereas on the other hand, after experiencing that, it'll feel somewhat cumbersome to level off destinies that dont add much to your toon just to get them unlocked.

    to do that, you can run the weaker currently less useful ones in daily xp runs like spies etc where the powerup is not so needed. and switch to weak level up destinies for turning in sagas or before taking a big chunk of xp from slayer area.

    as for destinies and soon destiny twists that suit your toons:
    -fatesinger tbh is kinda meh, but it does have quite a few perks for your song use. if your warchanter is melee centered, eventually you may want to run him in legendary dreadnaught, as the +70 melee/ranged power from a fully stacked master's blitz is by far the most noticeable dps boost.

    as for the cleric, all 3 divine destinies have some nice things in it,

    exalted angel mainly for caster levels and DC, a free to meta mass medium cure, WINGS, as well as added spellpoints from echoes of power. in the top tier, divine wrath is a very nice fat big party heal that also does light dmg to mobs. blood and radiance unlocking reborn in light for a self raise after death is also nifty. the sunbolt SLA is also nice. in tier1 avenging light is an extremely cheap low cooldown light single target spell you can use to build stacks of empyrean magic from crusader, or for easy if low ranged dmg dealing. the cores have some toggles worth experimenting with, be wary of the one that drains your SP pool till its empty if you forget to turn it off again

    crusader is a decent enough hybrid between survival/heals and some dps. empyrean magic 10% stack added to spellcrits is very nice for casters. consecration can be a very nice AOE over time party/self heal that also does some dmg. crusader also has a crit increase for melees in the 5th tier that is useful.

    running in unyielding sentinel will make you a lot more survivable with lots of perks from the 3 different stances (knockdown immune/+20PRR/+ to hitpoints) however the dmg output is low. it may have uses on the cleric when feeling to squishy in EA for tougher content.
    swashbucklers in unyielding may even make for viable EN/EH raid tanks with good layered defense due to dodge/displace/shield bonuses to PRR
    (not sure if you got that fighting style on your warchanter though...)

    edit: useful twists for starters:
    tier1, EA: echoes of power, +30 light/heal spellpower, avenging light
    tier1, DC: endless turning, interrogation, purge the wicked
    tier1, US: brace for impact
    tier1, FS: allure
    tier1, Magister: impregnable mind (no fail on 1)/uneartly reactions
    tier1, Draconic: energy sheath, dragonhide (no fail on 1)
    tier1, LD: legendary tactics, extra action boost
    tier1, primal: rejuvenating cocoon (super cheap emergency heal, worth getting on any fleshy toon)

    once you have unlocked fate points, you have to talk to the fatespiner and there in the manipulate destiny menu, bottom right corner, spend them to unlock fate twist slots bit by bit - into those unlocked slots, drag and drop the desired twist ability from the top right area, then hotbar it if it is an active one

    edit2: right, it's a battle priest. for a melee divine, first leveling up all 3 divine destinies, then using the fatepoints earned there to twist in some useful stuff from them on Legendary Dreadnaught works very well. on my own melee fvs, I run in LD, with consecration (tier2) + sacred ground (tier3) from crusader and echoes of power from Exalted Angel twisted in. if your battle cleric uses aura, endless turning would be preferable to echoes in that setup, prly.

    p.s. dont be discouraged when realizing this is a LOOONG grind for power, as mention above by others, can work on this over multiple TRs or Epic TRs ...
    Epic Past Lives do have quite nice perks, stronger than heroic ones arguably. should you find yourself liking epic gameplay once you geared up and settled in a bit, leveling destinies bit by bit while getting in a few epic PLs works well ...

    edit3: how should you level them up/max them out:
    generally, the lower tiers in destinies are cheaper in xp spent to unlock than the higher ones. so filling out a destiny in tier4 and tier5 takes much longer than grabbing some cheap perks in tier1 left and right. hence, it may be useful to settle on a main starter destiny for your toon, level that up till you earn your first fatepoint, then branch out to one of the adjacent destinies and likewise level tier1 there, so you earn things you can twist in. then go back to the initial one and keep leveling that. i.e, if the warpriest starts out in crusader, after a while grab tier1 EA echoes or tier1 US brace for impact, or both, then go back and keep leveling crusader while having those added in twists

    - as for the warpriest, IF you have 6 fighter levels, starting out in Legendary Dreadnaught, maxing it out streight away, THEN moving over to divine destiny sphere may be the shortest route to noticable powerup, as LDs melee perks are just that good.
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