Plane Tier 1 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 3 Vulnerability
Hero's soul Fort Dodge Deathblock Unyielding Sovereignty at half health Immunity to most knockdown
Beast Mark Dodge Dodge Bypass True Sight Second Wind Fort Bypass
Archeron Fort Great Sunder Second Wind Dodge Bypass Fort Bypass
Elemental Fury Random Element Resist Random on hit Elemental Damage Random Deathblock/FoM/Fort True Sight Fire DoT
Light Bearer True Sight Unyielding Sovereignty at half health Death Block Uncanny Aim (Champion always strikes true) On-Hit Light dmg Vulnerable to negative dmg
Mark of Law Force on hit True Sight Mind block Dodge bypass Attack Guard Force Vulnerable to Chaos
Demon Soul Resist lightning/poison True Sight Poison on hit Poiton DoT Vulnerable to Good dmg
Souless Slow on hit True Sight Save Debuff Uncanny Aim
Soul of Ice Cold dmg Cold resist Slow on hit Cold DoT True Sight Vulnerable to Fire
Mark of Chaos Random effect Random effect
Skyborn Electric dmg on hit Resist lightning Freedom of Movement Electric DoT Vulnerable to Acid
Styxian Death Block Neg resist Slow on hit Save Debuff on hit Healing Debuff
Flame Born Fire dmg Fire resist Death block Fire DoT True Sight Vulnerable to Cold
Fey Touched Blur True Sight Enchant ward Dodge Save Debuff
Infernal Pact Resist fire/poison True Sight Fort bypass Fire DoT On Hit Vulnerability Vulnerable to Good
Cruel Soul Acid dot True Sight Mind block 2nd Acid Dot
Stoneguard Resist acid Resist pierce/slash Knock down immune On Hit Vulnerability True Sight Vulnerable to Electric
Aboreian True Sight Short damage boost at half health Mind block Second Wind Great Sunder
Shadow Marked Incorporeality Resist neg Deathblock Healing Debuff True Sight Vulnerable to Light
Pandemonium Mind block Slow on hit Vulnerability on hit Healing Debuff 50% Blurred Vulnerable to Law

A note:

Out of 20 Planes, 14 have the possibility to have True Sight. Way too many, way too over punitive for low PRR toons.