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    Default Build Request

    I was just browsing the general forum and saw an interesting thread ( ).

    One meme got my special attention:

    That made raised my interest in a new build. It doesn't matter how gimpy such a build would be. I need some suggestions regarding charisma focused barbarians.

    Anything would be viable (standard, premium & races) but it has to be either a 28pt or 32pt build (1st life). Regarding classes single class or multi-class is fine. In the latter case barbarian class level should exceed other class levels.
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    Start with a PDK. They have racial enhancements using CHA for damage and tactics DC's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fedora1 View Post
    Start with a PDK. They have racial enhancements using CHA for damage and tactics DC's.
    6 warlock,6 fighter, 8 barbarian maybe.
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    8/6/6 barb/fvs/wiz DG Champ of Sylvanus

    Max + levels charisma, levels strength as needed
    Strength to get 17 by level 12

    1 Wiz: Maximize PA
    2: Fvs: Sylvanus
    3: Fvs THF
    4: Fvs: Sylvanus
    5 Fvs
    6 Fvs Cleave
    7 Fvs: Sylvanus
    8 Barb:
    9 Barb: GCleave
    10 Barb
    11 Barb:
    12 Barb THF#2
    13 Barb
    14 Barb
    15 Barb IC:B
    16 Wiz
    17 Wiz
    18 Wiz THF#3
    19 Wiz Quicken
    20 Wiz
    21 OC
    24 MoK
    26 PTHF
    27 BoGW
    28 Hellball
    29 Dire Charge
    30 Scion of Air, Epic DR

    15-19 level as a FB, with divine might, mauls, supreme cleave, gcleave, cleave, EK cleave, ameliorating strike with 15% ASF gem and 10% ASF from EK for med armor

    In shiradi use cleaves between CM, CM SLA, and using OS for healing until no longer needed and you can twist cocoon.

    Use some sort of OS/EK/Warpriest split in PA and FoTW

    Shiradi AP
    13 FB Supreme Cleave
    33 OS One spirit > trade in for archmage/AoV when you can twist cocoon
    13 Archmage Maximize Reduction, crit, CM SLA
    13 AoV Maximize Reduction, just rewards, crit
    8 EK ASF reduction
    3 DM

    Gear of Note:
    Deep Gnome Cloak for maximize reduction (keep this for use in epics)
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