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  • Human

    75 37.69%
  • Elf

    45 22.61%
  • Halfling

    36 18.09%
  • Dwarf

    27 13.57%
  • Drow

    7 3.52%
  • Warforged

    3 1.51%
  • Half Orc

    2 1.01%
  • Half-Elf

    4 2.01%
  • Gnome

    0 0%
  • Purple Dragon Knight

    0 0%
  • Morninglord

    0 0%
  • Shadar-Kai

    0 0%
  • Bladeforged

    0 0%
  • Svirfneblin

    0 0%
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    Human Fighter...February 23rd, 2006
    Steve Howe was voted "Best Overall Guitarist" in Guitar Player magazine five years in a row (1977–1981) and in 1981 was the first rock guitar player inducted into the Guitar Player Hall of Fame.

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    Really? I am the only person that made a drow sorceror?

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    Opprobrious - Elf Wizard, back in the days of beta. He was rebuilt a couple of times before reincarnation was possible, but was always (and still is) an Elf Wizard.
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    Khyber, mostly.

    Default First toon

    Human Barbarian on my first account in 2007.

    Human Ranger when I came back in 2013

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    Default Difficult to Recall

    Maybe it was human... I don't remember. I wanted to play a Ranger and probably played a human as my first toon which is now long deleted but only until I had enough favor to unlock Drow (I wanted the extra stat points). Then I was a Drow Ranger up until level 9 or so... and my party of 3 (fighter, rogue and ranger) realized that we were going to need some heals... Rolled my human cleric and fell in love with the race/class combination. Has been my main ever since.
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    Default Halfling CLONK (Cleric/Monk)

    I played the *^*)( out of her and healed shroud so much I got 2 cleansing stones on my first life.

    LOVE healing and support. Go kill.. I'll take the treasure and XP and make sure your body is upright so the enemy can target you!!

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    The first one I made was a drow TWF paladin. Bad idea, especially for a dirt-poor first-life newbie, and I soon realized it.
    The first one I stuck with, and played to cap was a halfling DEX/WIS dark monk.
    That was fun, and I still play that one sometimes, though the game and the character are both quite different.
    That's Yzette on Sarlona. 14 monk/6 ranger/10 epic AA monkcher now,
    which has worked great, but thinking of TR'ing back to her melee monk roots.
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    Default My First Character Played

    I played an elf Bard. He is still my mostly played character.

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    2009 -Halfng Rogue. Loved the stealth mechanics and played it like a Tenchu game. Unfortunately i've got walled by sigils to level mechanics and lost the ACC. Came back as Half-elf bard in 2012 .

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    My VERY first character was a Human Paladin by the name of MeanMark, which was the Undertaker's 1st gimmick for you wrestling fans out there

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    Default Elven ranger

    I brought my Fav advanced D&D character here when I played on Sarlona. He is still there retired now. I rolled up and elven archer as that was just obvious right? Well he was fun to play anyway, and the he got stoned to level 16 and he was struggling from that point on. Obviously I was thinking great I got 8 levels and now I am powerful. Well that was just not the case. Still he preserved making very slow progress to level 20. Seem a life time ago now that was just pre Motu if I remember correctly.
    Main characters, Tymout, Tymkul, Tymbom, Tymantha etc...

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    My very first character was a human cleric taking the warpriest path called Yutang. Long since deleted but I'll always have a warpriest cleric called Yutang in memory.
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    We are trying to kill you.

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    I am not positive as I started playing just a couple months after game was released.

    I put elf because I believe it was a elf cleric (still have atm and is in tr land) ,but I also remember having a dwarf cleric that rerolled into a 8 fighter/2 pali twf tank when 32 point builds became available with favor (who has the same name as forums and is still going strongly).
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    Human Rogue
    dagger assassin with no con or str invested, max dex and max int.
    trapper with sneak , move silent, haggle,... I was gonna sneak attack kill my way through quests 1 mob at a time..
    started in the bay..
    realized pretty quickly DDO does not work like that..
    1. sneak attacking doesn't work so well soloing
    2. had nothing for undead..
    3. my str sucked for killing and carrying loot..
    4. con is not a dump stat
    5. I cant heal my self fast enough with just pots..
    6. fire chucking kobolds do a lot of damage when you have no resists.

    Didn't want to delete and start over so...
    Splashed in ranger levels so I use cure wands, cure spells, dual wield, long strider, rams might, resists, ....cross class perks to offset some bad original build decisions..
    got easier after that.
    Argo: Degenerate Matter - 200
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    Thats a no-brainer. "Tree-Trunk" dwarf thf beast. I still have original toon on G-Land. Dec 2006.

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    Name: Ballbodi
    Class: Rogue
    Race: Halfling
    Turn ons: Dying in the Harbor. Absorbing Kobold Shaman Lightning Bolts. Running out of inventory. Blowing up traps.
    Turn offs: Making good character choices. Success. Removing curses. Having Hit Points.
    BONGO FURY - Ghallanda - Thingfish - Wizard, Diuni - Ninja, Gheale - Angel, Dullknife - Tank, Noodlefish - Gimp, Jaquaby - Treacherous and other gimps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FranOhmsford View Post

    I said FIRST Character people, Not the character you built after being told in-game to reroll!

    Who comes to a fantasy RPG with multiple races to choose from and picks Human for their first character?

    Human ranger
    Played pnp and nwn so I (roughly) knew what I was doing
    Still the toon I play the most.

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    My first char I ever played is Azriadne on Thelanis, she was at that time an elf rogue assassin... with so many memories of magnificent and not so magnificent deaths lol. She was a bit gimpy then. Now on her 8th life she is a lvl 28 PDK Sorc/Pal/Fighter 17/2/1, having lots of fun and still prob a bit gimpy, lol. Thanks for bringing back the memories of her first life, so much fun!

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    A dwarven fighter, more then 200 lives down the line but still around
    Quote Originally Posted by FlimsyFirewood View Post
    I play a guy with a two-hander not just in this game, but in every game that has 'em.
    Quote Originally Posted by J-mann View Post
    Not to derail the thread, but then can you make 2hf NOT suck so much compared to 2wf or swf?
    Quote Originally Posted by FlimsyFirewood View Post
    8 pages in, that train has already sailed. The dead horse is canned into cat food by now.

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