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    There are many completionists in DDO, but how many comPETionists are there?As of now there are 96 creature companions in DDO.And I finally got a winter wolf pup to my name!

    *97 creature companions. update 33 Night revels gives a Doomspherelet.

    Bats: (Fruit, Fire and Poison) Bear Cubs: (Polar, Blonde, Brown, and Panda)
    Beholderlings: (Chaos, Frost, and Classic)
    Cannith Iron Defender: (Regular, Golden, and Silver)
    Cranium Rats: (Black, Gray, and Purple)
    Earth Elementals: (Obsidian, Gold, and Stone)
    Fiendling: (Regular, Magma, and Shadow)
    Fire Elementals: (Blue, Pink, and Classic Red/Orange)
    Frogs: (Poison Dart, Pond, and Red-Eyed Tree)
    Gargoyles: (Granite, Magma, and Shadow)
    Gelatinous Cubelets (Violet, Red, Yellow, Cyan, and Green)
    Kobolds: (Blue, Green, and Red)
    Mini-Mimics: (Malachite, Merry, Mundane, Mahogany, Majestic, and Midnight)
    Water Elementals: (Tainted, Lake, Sea, and Tropical)
    Parrots: (Crested Cockatoo, Blue and Gold Macaw, Military Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, and Toko Toucan )
    Golems: (Bronze, Iron, and Steel)
    Wraiths: (violet, Forest, and Gray)
    Mephits: (Ice, Lightning, and Ooze)
    Pseudodragon (Normal, Black-striped,and Tan-stripe)
    Renders: (Flame, Flesh, and Frost)
    Rust Monsters: ( Grey-tipped, Pink-Gray and normal red)
    Scorpions: (Fiendish, Iridescent, and Jeweled)
    Tressym (Calico Tressym, Desert Tressym, Eveningstar Tressym, Gray Tabby Tressym, Savanna Tressym, Tuxedo Tressym)
    Air Elemental (Dusty, Normal)
    Invisible Mini-stalker
    Panther Cub (Snow, and Onyx)
    Hell Hound
    Wolf Pup( Druid's, Winter, and Spotted)
    Spiderling (Demonweb, Forest)
    Owlbear(Tawny,Snowy, and Storm Horns)
    Tawny Lion Cub
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    nice! Even Now, the blogger, has a post about all the pets she put together too
    Wiki dashboard with some useful stealthplay links
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    Updated with new Creature companion for U33

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