Where no team has gone before...

3 raids
8 quests
New race: kalashtar
New class: psionicist
Sentient weapons
New enemies: the gith
Level cap 33

Quest1 to adar
The first sentient weapon is about to be created. The kalashtar and githzerai have been cooperating to bring fruit.
The invited heroes journey to Adar to witness the birth.
The quori send emissaries to stop them.
The fight ends when the quori boss opens a portal into the astral plane.

Quest2 to gith
Githyanki pour through the portal. Big opening fight. like DA.
The githyanki boss has a silver sword. He steals the five gems for the sword and escapes into the astral plane.

Quest3 to monastery of limbo
The heroes are tasked with recovering the gems. The githzerai will be their guides on the astral plane.
Journey to astral plane. Fight astral monsters. End up at gith monastery.

Quest4 gem1 ring of spell storing
Gith outpost

Quest5 gem2 ring of ancestors
Dragons cave
Chromatic dragon named gygax

Quest6 gem3 braided rope
Gith castle

Quest7 gem4 astral mantle
Open battlefield

Quest8 gem5 sword of light (shadow)
Pre raid?*
Back at monastery to assemble sword

Raid1 gith queen 31
Gith fortress
Guildship assault
A battle with a wizard queen and her brood
Of three red dragons
A host of undead with silver swords

Raid2 tiamat 32
Pit of five sorrows
And a revealing of the five headed queen herself
And her den of five dragons
And consort

Raid3 dispater 33
nine hells
And then to the nine Hells itself
To confront dispater, an Arch devil
And his legion

All to save the Gish

On the progression
2-2-2-2-1-1-1 and 2-222-111 and 7 and 33, and 11
Raids at 31/32/33 make 35 top. Natural is to conform to +3 or level.
So a 33 running 35 is only +2
The intro middle and end is a harmonic octave
Natural to raise max level to 33.
The true legendary levels.

I prefer no Poe.

Thunder and lightning were used in this creation.