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    Quote Originally Posted by savingsoul View Post
    I thought you were maxing wis, why are you "wisdom short"?
    I'm using +6 goggles ATM. Could be using +10/11 equipment.
    Went looking found some +5 +2 enchant goggles at 27.
    Will make a switch then to regear. Maybe move sheltering to new spot.
    It'll all wash out at 30.
    I was running some EE Gianthold tonite. Was doing fair at paralyzingly. Sometimes multiple tries. Think wisdom only at 50 ATM. So some new gear at 27 should push the dc 10 more.
    Plus, oh I forgot. Was gonna wisdom the bow. But not flagged yet at I need to transfer my ingredients over. So that will be in next few levels.

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    Default Update6

    Level 30. Updated stats on first post.
    Ok so something of a monster cleric, with the right gear.
    Can paralyze anything just about. Good hp, sp and defenses.
    Makes running quests easy, but is no dps monster. But awesome support.
    Made the bow. Still need to insight +7 wis. will do that on another run. Has to be triple earth. Which is good cause I use corrosive. Getting wisdom to 60 with insight or shiradi.
    The only shortcomings is aura turns. Need to slot a cha item. And I can get positive to 600 with a better devotion item. Working on putting it together. Has 11 at 30. Good enough since I rarely use 10 in a run, and they regenerate.
    Plays real easy support, mostly pikes, but good for raids.
    I wasn't impressed leveling it, mostly a gearing and playstyle toon.
    But at 30 it's rocking.
    Decided to take combat archery, since enlarge just isn't needed.
    Running in us for raids and seeing aura tick for 175. Otherwise run in shiradi leveling.

    I wanted to tr into warlock, but might etr and wait it out for slave lords. Got a couple weeks. That could be a couple more etr.

    Overall doesnt mesh as well as my melee cleric for melee support, but this being Kil, he has better gear and tomes, so come out looking better. I think this is a solid support toon.
    And playing paralyzers has been a blast. And dps is about same or better than thf melee. Plus it's just easier targeting and not much running around.
    I can still stand in middle of combat and glow. Did fine in shroud, DOJ and tempest.

    I think this is premier ranged cleric build that's radiant.

    I'll post a gear breakdown.
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    Default Update7 gear layout

    Gear layout at 30.

    Head. Pansophic circlet
    Neck. Devotion item (looking for 150+)
    Trinket planar compass
    Eyes. Enchant +6 +3
    Armor. Plate mail of celestial sage
    Cloak. Mysterious cloak
    Bracers epic barbettes
    Belt. Open, dodge10 nat armor9
    Ring1. Corrosion +24 +156
    Ring2. Con +11 +5
    Boots. Str/dex +14
    Gloves. Iron mitts
    Weapon. LGS bow +15 +7 wisdom (wis 60 in us, 66 in shiradi)
    Quiver. Epic dynamistic

    Pos 615 (could be 650 with better devotion)
    Hamp 185
    Prr/mrr 160/103
    Dodge 9%

    So this is my layout. Not optimal but covers the bases.
    Looking ATM for better devotion, or will augment. That leave neck open. Could put lions mane in there.
    Barbettes not best but in there.
    Belt not best but good defenses, dodge 9%.
    Con ring needs upgrade, or could go to bracers, opening ring for healing lore/ devotion item. Which opens neck.
    Gloves not best, need hamp double shot maybe, but quiver covers.

    Decided to etr until slave lords come out.
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    Decided to tr my main vishantii into this build
    He is a battlecleric,
    But seein he is head of the silver flame jokers
    I thought I had better stay true.
    This will be my quest this year to get him ready for the expansion
    Remember, rise of the clerics
    But this is a deadly cc build that will work better in slavers
    I created Vishs build when there was lag, and he has extra sp
    Now I'm gonna reroll him into a bow build

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    Default Vish at 15

    Vish lvl 15
    Str 18 +2
    Dex 28 +3
    Con 28 +2
    Int 16 +2
    Wis 32 +3
    Cha 18 +2
    Hp 404
    Sp 745
    AC 48
    Fort 32
    Reflex 26
    Will 31
    Sr 0
    Fort 126
    Prr 65
    Mrr 39
    Pos 185
    Hamp 41

    Heal 42
    Spellcraft 34
    Jump 18
    Umd 13

    At 13, took improved precise shot
    That frees up 18 for sf: enchantment
    And at 30 greater sf:enchantment.
    So adds +2 to dc for paralyzer

    Prot from evil, shield of faith, bless, clw, divine favor, nightshield, longstrider
    Close wounds, cmw, seek eternal rest, resist energy, sound burst
    Csw, water breathing, prayer, prot from energy, magic circle
    Death ward, restoration, ccw, freedom of movement

    Helm halcyonia
    Neck rng sheltering 13
    Eyes cc 3enchantment2
    Trinket dusk
    Body leaves of forest
    Cloak of invisibility
    Bracers rng str6
    Belt rng con7 nat armor6
    Ring1 rng cha6 corrosion73
    Ring2 tumbleweed
    Boots of the innocent
    Gloves rng heal amp21

    Bow +4 speed7 doubleshot3
    Quiver of poison

    Aa 24
    Std 13
    Ds 6
    Rs 12
    Human 5

    Listed tomes next to stats. Nothing over 3, on a fourth life cleric with one epic past life.
    This year, wisdom, dex and con +6 tomes. And slavers gear.
    The build is working beautifully,
    Paralyzers in reaper ftw
    Can dual support, cc and heals
    Scrolling raise dead and bursting
    Being a big bonus in reaper
    On elite, anybody can Zerg
    Loving level 15
    Wearing sweet armor and helm, a striking picture

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    Default Vish at 21

    Level 21
    Rolled 20, reset ap to radiant
    Took focus enchantment at 18

    32 rs core4, +3 caster levels, regenerating turns, aura
    22 aa paralyzers
    13 stalwartd tenacious d
    8 ds full empathy, imp weapon finesse
    5 human +20 hamp

    Two stances, shiradi and sentinel

    +6 wis, double rainbow, nerve venom
    Str 22
    Dex 36
    Con 35
    Int 16
    Wis 48
    Cha 20
    Hp 622
    Sp 1823
    AC 61
    Fort 36
    Reflex 31
    Will 40
    Bab 17
    Sr 25
    Fort 131
    Prr 84
    Mrr 77
    Ranged power 29
    Paralyze dc 20+19+5=44
    Pos 328
    Hamp 105
    Aura 56
    #turns 14
    Divine energy
    Endless faith
    Healing power

    +1 con, +4 cha, strength of vitality, undying vanguard
    Str 22
    Dex 36
    Con 36
    Int 16
    Wis 42
    Cha 24
    Hp 1106
    Sp 1862
    AC 73
    Fort 39
    Reflex 33
    Will 39
    Fort 151
    Prr 94
    Mrr 77
    Ranged power 23
    Paralyze dc 20+16+5=41
    Pos 340
    Hamp 125
    Aura 95
    #turns 16
    consecration (no sacred)
    Endless faith?*
    healing power

    Helm cc wiz203, charisma6
    Neck cc 10con4, false life30, devotion115
    Eyes cc 10wis4
    Trinket shard enchantment4
    Body Templars bastion
    Cloak mysterious
    Bracers cc str10, sheltering25, fort115, prot6
    Belt cc nat armor10, doubleshot6
    Ring1 rng acid lore13, corrosion92
    Ring2 prowess
    Boots rng speed9, parry4
    Gloves cc 10dex4, hamp40
    Roadwatch bow

    So sentinel is the clear winner.
    With over double hit points and aura, it is supremely ready for reaper. That's due to the +5 cleric levels.
    However, I am filling out primal Ed, and putting xp into primal,
    So shiradi is my best offensive stance.
    I will like do dailys off destiny, and reap in us.
    I haven't tested much either, so I will report on the main difference in paralyzer, which is only +3. The extra wis in shiradi.

    The other thing I did was craft a trinket. Used a shard and put +4 enchantment on it. Since I had cc goggles of wisdom. And otherwise the increase isn't much from 13 to 21 on insightful enchantment for goggles. So best spread was to put it on a trinket. I could have crafted a wisdom cloak, but the hamp from mysterious is too needed in reaper for healing.

    Now the other thing I'm thinking about is ap.
    I'm thinking of dropping deepwood and putting points in rs for the no max level heals. See I got the +3 levels, so that makes my heals caster level 16, and heal caps at 15. And going uncapped should raise caster level to 25, or 30??
    I get +40 pos from deepwood, that and dex to damage. But I could forego the weapon finesse and just take enough out to get unlimited healing. Thoughts?

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    Default Level 25

    Level 26
    Took intensify and positive sp
    Took advantage of buddy weekend to rocket to 26
    Ran dailys and es and gh
    No reaping
    Waiting for today's patch to fix epic xp
    Kinda fast tracking it to 30
    Got a reaper group waiting there
    And they need a cleric bad

    That still seems to be the state of the game,
    Where are the clerics?
    Must be cloistered in guilds
    I rarely see them running naked in pugs
    But there are,
    But they're still not too good a healers
    But this will take time
    With the influence of reaper,
    There will be a greater need for healers

    Vish is doing ok,
    I'm not seeing the paralyzers one hit in EE
    Multiple hits to get them
    Still running about a 20+17+5 paralyzer
    Been running in off destiny too
    Filling up primal Ed
    Got them near all maxed out, and 6mil karma too
    Then I'll switch to sentinel and dc
    Also almost have 6mil martial
    Havent opened arcane yet on vish
    So I'll have some options when I tr
    Likely a divine
    But I'll probably keep him at cap for a long while
    Unless changes,
    When they update clerics, I'm hoping capstones will be worthwhile

    So reaping in divine
    More survivability either way
    Moar hit points,
    Maybe I'll twist in sacred ground too
    That would be double dipping
    I've seen the effect of a radiant on a group
    Everyone tends to gather around
    That's good for reaper,
    The group staying tight
    But this is an archer cleric
    So the vision originally,
    Was perching the shroud
    But now that I've got aura in epics,
    I can keep it up the entire quest...
    I find myself with a different tactic
    I usually spray paralyzers,
    Then move up to melee range, just at the edge
    For the aura to get the melees
    And continue to paralyze at danger close
    It's working great
    And I'm getting much better at switching stances,
    And tossing heals
    Healing is a lost art
    Its quite a job to keep people alive in reaper
    Almost takes a dedicated healbot,
    But the aura reassures everyone,
    And they take advantage of it
    The whole point being
    If radiants enter the reaper playground
    It will go a lot easier
    For everybody
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    Default Level 30

    Level 30

    Head lpansophic
    Neck lhypnotic pendant
    Eyes rng 6enchantment3
    Trinket slavers symbol w/ true blood and festive wis
    Body platemail of celestial avenger w/ feather fall
    Cloak mysterious w/ str7
    Bracers 17wis4 devotion185 slavers
    Belt 17con4 resistance14 slavers
    Ring1 17cha4 umd7 slavers
    Ring2 prowess
    Boots ldevil commanders
    Gloves cc 10dex4 hamp40
    Quiver epic dynamistic
    Bow LGS 150pos wisdom7

    In US
    Str 20
    Dex 37
    Con 51
    Int 17
    Wis 62
    Cha 40
    Hp 1857
    Sp 2586
    AC 75
    Fort 68
    Reflex 56
    Will 75
    Fort 201
    Prr 148
    Mrr 90
    Pos 814
    Hamp 145
    Aura 234
    #turns 24
    Doubleshot 20
    Ranged power 52
    Base 20
    Wis 26
    Enchant 6+3+2
    Enhance 2
    Feat 2
    Total 61

    Vish at 30
    Not completely maxed out, but reaper ready
    Doesnt have lvl30 gloves, but they're good enough until I decide on a more final layout. Gloves would be dex15,hamp61,ins devotion79. And then I'd swap Pansophic for hardened hide to make a 5pc slavers set.
    Also need a legendary prowess. Using heroic ATM.
    Otherwise I'm at best numbers for a paralyzer build.
    the other thing I was gonna do was put a supreme 6 tome on him. He has 2 and 3, would add 3 to wisdom.
    The only other thing I could do would be run in primal for +6 wisdom.
    But sentinel adds 5 cleric levels, and survivability. Paralyzers are a secondary ability that is superseded by wizards cc, but acts as great cc without one.
    A word on paralyzers. I was running EE content, and running into difficulty while leveling. Not max gear at level, using cannith lvl21 stuff. But it made me doubt the build. Now I'm reaping, and finding I have to hit multiple times for a paralyze to stick. I know this is primarily a wisdom issue, but I'm running max wisdom without wis Ed. So I've relegated myself to secondary cc. Primarily I am a aura healer. It's a great concept, but now I'm reaping, and I'm thinking a pure cleric would be a better option. But it's still a great build, just not as effective as it was in heroics, where everything was a one hit paralyze.?*
    Still, a priest of the silver flame.
    I've also considered other splits, such as 4/1 ranger fighter, losing the stalwart defense. I'm also thinking I could make this viable on a pure, but it's feat starved. Because I'm feeling the need for death pact as a safety, but I'm wondering, the Rez timer in reaper may be longer than the accept time for pact. Especially high reaper, the Rez timer is longer. It's a conundrum.

    But I'm happy vish is back at cap, and delving into daily reapers.
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    My very first toon here 11 years ago was a bow using Cleric


    I wanted to use bows and stay far away from mobs/bosses.

    I also didn't want Clerics to have to chase me down to heal me ( PS they dont and never did )


    Let's build a max lvl cleric that uses bows and call her Damiya.

    Well ....

    She wasn't great at healing

    She wasn't great with bows

    She was really just kind of average at everything.

    11 years later she now sits as a 22nd lvl first life Archer and has been moved to the perma parked toon list.

    What I discovered over the years of playing many MANY Archer cross classes is that when it really comes down to it, as far as ranged combat goes .... pure seems to be the way to go.

    Don't get me wrong I still enjoy playing

    Alexsys - 12/6/2 Moncher Build
    Eliyze - 16/4 Bardcher Build
    Cassiee - 12/6/2 Fighter Archer Build
    Kaeylee - 20 Archer BUT was old school bowbarian ( loved that build )
    Danicca - 20 Archer First Life but has all the Epic Archer gear
    Maryssa - 15/5 Arti/Rogue repeater / maxed crafter build

    However my mains Katnyss, Nattalie, Ryleagh are all pure archers and are simply better toons at being archers than my above noted builds.( I'm sure all thier past lives help ).

    Sure there are a couple benefits to some of the first 6 toons I listed be it 10k stars / AC / Burst Damage / CC but nothing enough for me to say " I'm gonna bring Alex into Reaper instead of Katnyss !! "

    I'm not saying cross class builds don't work, because for sure there are some incredible builds out there. I just don't think healing/arching go hand in hand.

    Your build looks great and I may give it a shot for my cleric lives on Kat. I'm just pretty sure I'm going to re-discover the same issues I had with my cleric/Ranger 11 years ago.

    Sorry the middle of my manyshot, you can pretty much guarantee I'm not coming to heal you if your health is low ..... stay alive for 20 seconds please.

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    This is a wisdom based paralyzer build
    So cleric goes hand in hand with it.
    I do average damage with corrosive arrows on manyshot.
    But built it as a paralyze cc secondary option.
    Which it performs, but spell cc is more effective.

    There have been moments reaping when the wizard gets killed and we lose cc.
    At that point it is an immediate stopgap for a party wipe.
    It performs as a healer great, not so as a paralyzer.
    Of course, my expectation is one hit one kill, so having to target one mob for multiple shots means others are getting away. Works fine with low mob density, but like in slavers reaping I found it to be lacking.
    I would encourage you to run it. It's a solid build. Lots a hit point, lots a heals, and can paralyze.

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    I agree the build looks fun

    For sure that's gonna be my 3 cleric lives. I just ETRd / HTRd Katnyss and am only lvl 3 presently so I will give it a try.

    However I know that if you wanted to set up an Archer to Paralyze a monk is a fun way to go as it's also wis dependant. Even as a first life Alexsys can keep pretty much everything immobilized full time running EE at 30th lvl. I have not attempted Reaper with this toon yet

    ( and you don't have to stop pew pewing to heal )

    Again I wasn't trying to " shoot down " your build, I just find healing/arching a difficult combo.

    Have a great night
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    Default Leve 30 reaping

    Lvl 30 reaper.
    32 radiant. Core4,tier5. Aura.
    22 arcane archer. Paralyzers.
    13 stalwartd. +20% hit points.
    8 deepwoods. +40 pos.
    5 human. Healamp.

    Took greater focus enchantment at 30.

    1 Healing power
    1 endless faith
    1 cocoon
    2 +3 enchant magister

    The reaper version of vish.
    Running 4s and under for dailys.
    Needing the right group.
    Seeing selection as being critical to success.
    A healer.
    A wizard.
    A monk?*
    or tempest
    A warlock
    And what's missing,
    A tank

    Usually another warlock,
    They abound
    Tentacles and holds are critical
    Snafu otherwise
    No tanks
    Where they be?
    It's gotta be more thankless than the healer

    Having to hotbar masses again
    I need another rotation of cures
    I got maximize and intensify to crank them
    Will do some testing

    But the issue is
    Melees go faster
    And time is still of the essence
    Sure, reaper 10 is being done
    But how long did that take?

    Yes, the games hard again
    And new tactics are needed to overcome
    The challenge
    Don't fear the reaper

    Some tricks
    The ui of a healer.
    I keep two bars vertical on my right side.
    I keep the team list right next to it.
    So there is shortest distance between clicking on a member and clicking a heal
    So I normally rotate heal and cocoon.
    Normally I can keep two targets alive
    And I have aura
    So I stand danger close to melee
    But I'm semi tank with?*
    2000 hp, 150prr, 100mrr.
    Low AC. Can't fix that much til slavers set.
    So I have easy ability to heal melees
    But now more are coming
    So I've set up an additional three, clw, cmw, csw
    So I'll be cycling them and heals
    Two groups
    I might only need one cycled all the time
    So that increases efficiency?*
    Reducing the number of clicks
    And my 2500 sp is purely for heals
    So far I'm going full out?*
    And not hitting empty
    So that bodes well

    It pays to know your group too
    Who is squishy and who is tough
    Who can handle themselves?*
    And who needs an eye
    This comes in static and guild
    Pugs are rather free for all
    And good luck getting a good mix
    Again, lotta warlocks

    so, as what is needed,
    A call to tanks
    A friend for the healer

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    Default Update

    Level 30
    Running in dc

    Str 24
    Dex 40
    Con 54
    Int 21
    Wis 74
    Cha 38
    Hp 1424
    Hamp 166
    Sp 2745
    AC 70
    Fort 70
    Reflex 58
    Will 81
    Bab 21
    Doubleshot 20
    Rng att speed 22
    Rng power 51
    Fort 181
    Prr 166
    Mrr 90
    # of turns 24
    Positive sp 817
    Spell crit pos 28
    Spell mult pos 30
    Light sp 239
    Aura heals 231 on me

    Running in dc
    Purge the wicked,
    Endless turning1, consecration, sacred ground, crusade
    Empyrean magic, celestial champion
    Heavenly presence, +5 wis
    Bab 30
    +108 to hit

    Cc 34 gloves dex15, hamp61, insdevotion79, draconic soul gem
    Epic halcyonia for magical efficiency and heal lore10
    And it's the best looking helm in the game.

    Base 20
    Wis 32
    Enchant 6+3+2
    Enhance 2
    Twist 3
    Feat 2
    Total 70

    An update on vish
    Sitting at 30 waiting for endgame
    Made some gloves, found I didn't need the Pansophic, and the halcyonia was a better look.
    Still at 9 reaper points.

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    I might just have to start working on my archer character again, she started out as something like this initially, and I enjoyed it even though it wasn't that impressive.

    Great build, Vish, looking forward to it.
    Was on Khyber, moved to Ghallanda

    Nyess Malwyss Daireann Tylesia Shideh

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    Update on vish

    Domains are coming,
    Will go trickery
    But it will break my build
    I'll have to go 14/4/2
    For the mass charm
    Too sweet to pass up for reaper
    So I'm going to lose the toughness
    +25 prr/mrr and about 300 hp at 30

    Well, I'm cc and glow
    So I don't really need it
    Although paralyzers draw aggro
    But its uber cc, so I'll live

    Hoping they hand out LR 1 or 3
    Likely just an LR,
    And I'll have to tr

    I've still got to fill Ed's too
    Needed sheath for raid,
    But not filled in
    Gonna run some dailys and fix it
    I don't run vish much
    Not much endgame ATM
    But I do see shroud and new raid up,
    Once in while
    Will be better for ravenloft
    By time domain drop and expansion,
    I should get vish tr
    And then I'll have to reconsider again
    When the new meta comes out
    Still looking forward to warpriest changes
    That will be crucial...


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    Just about finishing up my Radiant/Evo Cleric life and am going to try this for my second Cleric. You are taking Maximize for your burst? What are you taking Extend for? Do you feel the 13 Cleric and 5th level spells is worth it over 6 Ranger which gives manyshot and sniper shot (going 11 pts in DWS)? I like your in depth updates, great job.

    I am Awesomesauce!

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    Maximize and intensify are for bursts
    But I hardly ever burst
    With about 24 turns, endless turning,
    You can keep aura up full time off one charge
    Kinda oh **** button for reaper

    I've been considering new split for domains
    Maybe 14/6 ranger,
    Since really you don't need maximize, nor intensify
    That would Free up one slot heroics
    I generally take extend on my clerics
    I like one long timer rather than recast
    And on a 13 split it makes buffs 26,
    Enough for a quest
    So maximize no, extend yes

    It's an awesome cc build, with heals
    Very manageable in play

    I would say go 6 ranger,
    That allows tier5 in heroics leveling

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    Vish the ranger
    14/6 cleric ranger
    Silver flame
    Trickery domain
    Lawful good human

    Str 8
    Dex 16
    Con 14
    Int 12
    Wis 18 +7
    Cha 8
    +6 tomes

    Umd, heal, jump

    1 cleric empower heal
    Human PBS
    2 ranger (undead)
    3 ranger (rapid shot, twf) zen archery
    4 ranger (diehard)
    5 ranger (precise shot)
    6 ranger (elementals) extend
    7 ranger (manyshot, itwf)
    8-9 cleric ic ranged
    10-12 cleric quicken
    13-15 cleric imp precise shot
    16-18 cleric sf enchant
    19-20 cleric

    21 oc
    24 greater sf enchant
    26 sp pos
    27 blinding speed
    28 doubleshot
    29 fount of life
    30 Celestia

    This is the revamp for domains
    Left out maximize and intensify
    One slot open at 30

    The ap spread will be different
    No stalwart d frees up 13 ap
    Prob 2 ap into paralyzers,
    3 ap into human
    Leaves 8 ap for deepwood?

    Also, leveling will be easier with access to tier5
    Either that, or get aura sooner than 20
    A little bit more wiggle room with this build
    Squishier, but still as potent
    Since this is not a dps build, but paralyzer

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    Note - My experiences with this build are only for Heroic Reaper questing. I built with no intention of running epics. I went with Drow because this character always more less is a Drow. I don't think race really matters.

    STR 8
    DEX 15
    CON 14
    INT 12
    WIS 17
    CHA 12

    I have played through level 10 so far. Progression has been
    1 Cleric
    2-5 Ranger
    6 Cleric
    7-8 Ranger
    9 Fighter
    10 Cleric

    Feats are:
    1 Empower Healing (for a empower CLW spell)
    3 PBS
    6 Zen Archery (really needed for hit chance to get rid of glancing blows)
    9 IC Ranged and Extend (extend is actually quite good as it gets your Ranger spells and Nightshield over 10 mins)

    Through 10 I have 22 APs into AA (for Para Arrows), 11 AP in DWS (for Sniper Shot) and 1 AP into RS. As you see I am basically a Ranger. I can Para everything but rarely do so. DPS with imbues is very high. Can solo Reaper quests. In groups you can top tier DPS or Para everything if you have more melees to give them something to do and make it very easy. 6 Ranger is key because it gives you not only Manyshot but also a 2nd spell which is fairly important since Rangers have very good L1 spells. Current spell load out is:

    Cleric - CLW, Nightshield, Remove Fear, Summon Monsters (good for agro mitigation at times)
    Ranger - Jump, Ram's Might
    For L2 Cleric spells at 10 I added CMW, Resist Energy (people always die and need this in Reaper) and Lesser Restoration (could use wands and slot in Bull's Strength if you don't want to slot a STR item and need it for carry capacity)

    So would I not be doing just as much or more DPS as a pure Ranger? I don't know, maybe? But from play I can tell you the empowered CLW is vital in Reaper play as is the Nightshield. A ranger can wand both of course. Jump too comes into play, much nicer to have Jump (both in points from Ranger then the actual spell) which really helps when you're a ranged build. My gut feeling is that I have a lot more utility with this build than a pure Ranger in terms of helping an overall Reaper group. I'm done with Ranger levels now so I'll see how/if the Cleric begins to shine through.

    Bows - Nicked Longbow at L2 untll Silver Longbow at L8. Petrifying Longbow at L12 looks good if I'm going to be in Para mode (Para and Petrify, but maybe that's overkill?). L14 either Bow of Sinew or Unwavering Ardency (if you have it I don't). I highly recommend Sniper Shot from DWS, it is a huge increase to DPS. There is also a lot of positive spell power in the DWS tree.

    I am Awesomesauce!

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    Pot town, Orygun


    Ya, sounds good
    Too bad domains not yet
    But I will relevel vish when they come out

    Ya going higher into cleric will bring u spells
    But don't expect much out of trees
    It's a radiant build
    But don't have a good ap spread till 20
    You can sacrifice your archer to go cleric
    But aura will be weak without levels

    So I advise going tier5 archer
    I'm interested in results
    The dps as archer for vish at cap is actually decent
    I run in dc and get good adds out of the epic moment
    So it's good back up on the red names
    But other than that it's aura and paralyze

    Thinking about mass charm
    Will likely need to add heighten at 24
    And push back greater enchant to 30
    Seeing how charms work in reaper
    It will be a feather in the hat for a cleric
    Should have good DCs for it

    Thanks for the feedback awesomesauce

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