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    Default Mechanic Rogue, Repeater vs Great XBOW

    So I've been kind of messing around with a repeater for a bit, and I do have to say I like it alot. But in using it I have to wonder what the benefit of a repeating crossboe are vs that of a great crossbow.

    I WANT to say that a Repeater fires more bolts per second than a great crossbow does, but in all honesty I'm not sure about that. I haven't put them side by side, so I dont know for certain, but in passing I seem to feel that with all the reload speed upgrades you can get, they might come out close to the same. This means that the advantage of the repeater (More sneak attacks per second) might be outweighed by the Great Crossbow's advantage (all those benefits on vorpal, like knockdown, as well as bleeding), Especially when you factor in that a great crossbow will have better Doubleshot procs, since repeaters get reduced doubleshot.

    So can someone help me out here? What are the real benefits of a repeater, vs that of a great crossbow?

    If you had two weapons ENTIRELY IDENTICAL except for the fact one of them was a repeater, and one of them was a great XBOW, would one be objectively better?
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    It varies. While repeaters fire more bolts, great xbows do more massive damage and have a better crit profile. I think in raw dps output that a repeater has a higher maximum dps obtainable, there are other factors that support the great crossbow. The knockdown effect on vorpal (a 19-20 with T5 mechanic) is very useful, as is the fact that you can change targets much quicker with a great crossbow than a repeater.

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    I switch between Great Crossbow and Repeating Crossbow depending on situations:

    I use Great Crossbows for LE and solo EE because of the high chance to knock mobs down without a save and against targets with high DR/-
    I use repeating Crossbows on anything immune to knockdowns and any boss/rednamed fight because I stacked up my Sneak Attack very high and therefore more bolts = more damage.
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    Uurlock is doing his first rock gnome life - as a 18 rog 1 wiz 1 ftr - using h.repeaters and GxB.

    Switches between repeaters (minII, ooze, 3pos, needle, vacuum, paralyzing of slowburst) and GxB (Divine Artillery, LGS(blank), TF(blank), and hopefully Epic Divine Artillery) as needed.

    Uses repeaters for high rate of fire for proc rates (disruption, ooze, etc).
    Used GxB for knockdown and pure DPS (single target).

    still learning what is best for each situation.

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    Average DPS is very close between the 2 options. That's the reason why great xbows are given bonus sneak attack dice and the like---to compensate for the faster ROF of the repeater.
    If you're in LD, you should use a repeater. You'll have a far easier time sustaining a blitz with it. If you're in DC though, I suggest the Great XBow. This is because added doublestrike scales a great xbow user's dps much better than a repeater, and DC gives tons of doublestrike (especially when you use Zeal). Shadowdancer I believe will favor repeater (yet more procs and the +6 sneak attack dice isn't scaled like the mechanic enhancement dice are to favor the great xbow).

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    I feel that a repeater is more an Artificer's thing and GXBs are all around better for a mechanic. Here's what each offer a level 18 mechanic:

    3 Bolts per shot, but DS and Ranged Speed is slightly more deduced compared the GXB.
    +8 to hit and damage
    +2D6 SA (12d6 total (68 Dmgx1.5 RP) w/ level)
    +1 Crit Multiplier
    +10% Attack Speed

    +12 to hit and damge
    +9d6 SA (19d6 total 108 Dmgx1.5 RP) w/ level)
    +3 Crit Multiplier
    +30% Attack Speed
    +2[w] die
    Bleed Damage on things that bleed
    Knock Downs on rolls of 19-20

    Applied Profiles: Thunderforged (Tier 0), Epic Divine Artillery, Epic Fatal Flaw

    Thunder-Forged Alloy Great Crossbow
    3.50 [2d8] + 9 18-20/2 base
    5.50 [1d10] + 21 16-20/6 Mechanic w/ IC: Ranged and OC
    5.50 [1d10] + 21 16-20/7 Mechanic w/ IC: Ranged and OC in LD
    5.50 [1d10] + 25 15-20/6 Mechanic w/ IC: Ranged and OC in DC

    Thunder-Forged Alloy Repeating Heavy Crossbow
    3.50 [1d10] + 9 19-20/2 base
    3.50 [1d10] + 17 17-20/4 Mechanic w/ IC: Ranged and OC
    3.50 [1d10] + 17 17-20/5 Mechanic w/ IC: Ranged and OC in LD
    3.50 [1d10] + 21 16-20/4 Mechanic w/ IC: Ranged and OC in DC

    The Epic Fatal Flaw
    6.50[1d10] + 12 17-20/2 base
    6.50[1d10] + 20 17-20/4 Mechanic w/ IC: Ranged and OC
    6.50[1d10] + 20 17-20/5 Mechanic w/ IC: Ranged and OC in LD
    6.50[1d10] + 24 16-20/4 Mechanic w/ IC: Ranged and OC in DC

    Epic Divine Artillery
    5.50[2d8] + 12 18-20/2 base
    7.50[2d8] + 24 16-20/6 base Mechanic w/ IC: Ranged and OC
    7.50[2d8] + 24 16-20/7 base Mechanic w/ IC: Ranged and OC in LD
    7.50[2d8] + 28 15-20/6 base Mechanic w/ IC: Ranged and OC in DC

    I think GXB comes out ahead on a mechanic. The exception would be 0 fort mobs where SA die would tick consistantly, however, the the GXB is going still obliterate everything with high damage and crits.

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    I just finished an iconic mechanic life.
    I experimented with both.

    Real hard to decide which was actually better.

    Yes, repeater gets more shots, and sneak attack damage is apllied to each shot, so you get more sneak attacks.
    But GXBow does higher damage, and more sneak attack damage per shot.

    And it is not like you actually will have two identical choices of crossbows.

    I think I preferred the higher damage numbers I saw on the GXBow.
    I also preferred the occasional knockdown.

    In certain cases, like when you hit a monster that was attacking someone else, with enough damage to draw agro onto you.... you might actually be getting more SA dice in the time it takes the monster to switch agro....but again, it is difficult to determine.

    You might be able to do some sort of tests with a training dummy, but since you cannot get SA damage on the dummy, it will not really be a totally accurate test.
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    Repeaters get more hits; gt xbows get bigger hits. So part of picking the right weapon depends on playing to its strengths.

    Repeaters benefit more from proc-on-hit effects like extra sneak atks (e.g., Shadowdancer); they also have an easier time maintaining Blitz (LD) due to higher RoF. Gt xbows see more benefit from Doubleshot and crit range bonuses (due to x4 multiplier and higher +[W] modifiers); Div Crusader (Celestial Champion + Zeal of the Righteous) or FotW (Adrenaline) are viable EDs.

    This will also affect what weapon(s) you craft: e.g., I would put Crippling Flames or Mortal Fear on a repeater (more hits means more chances to proc); but 3rd Degree Burns on a gt xbow (to take advantage of 19-20 vorpals).
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