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    Default Build request: 1st life LH Shroud Fiend

    Hi forum people,

    I need a good lock build for my alt for LH shroud. He needs to be a fiend for Hurl. I've read about a lot of the builds here, but since he's a 1st life alt (doesn't have all the best gear) I'm not sure if any of them would work. I'm guessing that the lack of fvs/wiz spell pen will shut down the instakill option? Given a choice between tanky and instakill, I'd choose instakill since my main is tanky.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Even on LH the spell pen numbers are a little bit difficult to get to without any heroic wiz/fvs pls.

    I mean you could try a 41/39/0 split focusing on necro dcs but you won't land much even on LH (and IF you do decide to step into LE, you'll be completely useless imo).

    Generally the rule is: 1st life toon means DC caster is out of the question.

    HOWEVER, you can get hurl DC up to a fairly good point. It won't be epic by any stretch (missing epic completionist, tome, gear, and heroic completionist) but it should function (especially on LH, where will saves are piece of cake). If you follow the build in my signature (barring items as you probably don't want to invest into a 4/5 piece LGS set if you are just using this to farm), I promise you will find success in LH, and if you decide to step into LE, you'll at least have a fighting chance of contributing (even on a first life toon).

    Good luck - if you have any questions, feel free to pm me.
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    As far as I know Hurl through Hell doesn't have any spell penetration check (I never put anything to it and I still never failed a single check) so it's basically just a matter of maxing your charisma - the only real past life benefit is completionist which only boosts charisma by 2. so basically max out charisma and and go 20 levels of warlock and your hurl will work well and you will quickly figure out which enemies have high will saves.

    It's a good build for LH shroud and since it goes against will save, it can be reasonably effective in LE as well.

    For secondary choice you either go with a blasting build or soul eater necro but then you will need to max out spell pen. Necro will get you more kill count but a high spellpower blasting build will be more effective overall with better boss damage. If you like to pug I would go with a blasting build because there has been a big increase in the # of people playing builds with super high defenses but with sub-par dps.

    The build in my sig is still effective all the way through the newest LE content and I have been running a blasting fiend build with hurl through hell. It's not fully up to date because I have been focusing more on face-to-face gaming lately, but for the most part it's the same build with better stats, spellpower, etc. due to newer gear. I keep meaning to get around to updating the build but every time I log on I end up questing with friends so I haven't had a chance.

    Another option I really like with fiend is necro focused SE with hurl through hell and devour the soul for most enemies. Finger and Wail for low fort enemies. Then as a secondary max out enchantment with just gear and you can use mind fog and crushing despair (11 point spend in TS) for debuffs not only on enchant but also hurl and devour the soul. Crushing despair is very nice because you don't need to give it any metamagic since it works even if they make their save. Again you would need spell pen for that and you would need past lifes for LE.

    Of course if you don't take spell pen you can take ruin, greater ruin and arcane pulse for fast boss damage on top of the better warlock damage which is why I think it's better overall even though it will result in a lower kill count.
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