This is the first change I had made to the Arcane Alliance guild since becoming guild leader. By adding Guild Rules.

Guild Rules:
1. No Drama.

2. Be respectful to others.
Example(s): No talking politics in guild chat, etc. (This is a form of escapism from the real world).
No posting the same comment(s) repeatedly.

3. Loot: Roll off any named loot if you don't or have a need it.

4. Guild chest(s): Do not take loot from the guild chests and leave then comeback.

5. If an Officer or Guild Leader says to stop, or chillout on something, there's good reasons to they're saying so, so stop.

Just use common sense and decencey. If any drama or any other problem(s) arise(s) please notify the Guild Leader with the problem and circumstances. If the Guild Leader is not available, talk with an Officer.