Yesterday I did a lGS goggles for my Barbarian to Tier 2, I had saved a few ingredients and said to myself a clicky can be good, but it was an unpleasant surprise to see the ingredient costs (I look it in DdoWiki).

These recipes are (ridiculously) expensive, for example, for 1 clicky of resurection DdoWiki say that you need: Legendary Focus of Positive Energy x3 (Tier2), Legendary Superior Focus of Positive Energy x3 (Tier3), Legendary Pure Material Essence x3 (Tier 3), Legendary Pure Ethereal Essence x3 (Tier 3), Legendary Flawless Gem of Dominion x3 (Tier 3), each manufactured item need 4 ingredients so that you need 12 medium ingredients (3 tier 2 manufacture items) and 48 Large Ingredients (12 tier 3 x 4).

Other clickies are cheaper but still very expensive for that you get.

Then there is the issue of the duration and number of clickies...together it makes this add-on for the LGS completely useless.

Who in their right mind is going to spend that amount of ingredients on a few clickies?