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    Default Summoner - Theorycraft

    For the purpose of this post when I say 'summons' I am using it interchangeably with pets, actual summoned creatures, and hirelings.

    While pondering over some build options for a new character two of the new feats for U29 were all about Summons. This made me curious if it was possible to make an effective 'Summoner'.

    Now to start I want to admit that I suspect the answer is no, especially where epic elite and beyond comes into question. But the hell with it, seems like it could be interesting for awhile anyway. I figure a druid is the best option, as it has a customizable pet, summon spells, and summon buffing spells, combined with my owlbear, panther, and a hireling that makes for a small party of 6 including myself for solo operations. The question now is how best to utilize what is available to me to make the best possible summons.

    Thus far I see the following as potentially useful.


    • Augment Summoning
    • --Improved Augment Summoning (Only mentions summons, does it affect only summoned creatures?)
    • ----Scion of Elysium (Ditto?)
    • Druid Past Life x3

    That seems about it for feats, slim pickings to boost summons effectiveness. Is it worth giving up an epic feat and a legendary feat? Probably not, I am somewhat cynical that even with these additions summons will hold up in the higher levels, but who knows, maybe I'll be surprised.

    • Nature's Warrior - Blood Moon Frenzy (On a kill, +20/30/40 movement, +10/15/20 attack speed) [Total investment in tree: 8ap]
    • Harper Agent - Harper Leadership (+2/3/4 stats) [Total investment in tree: 8ap]

    I considered Heroic Companion from the Harper Agent tree as well, but it just does't seem worth the extra points, but I could be wrong. Have the devs said what, if any, the plans are for the third tree? A tree with pet enhancements could go a long way with this build... Well, longer.

    • Primal Avatar
    • --Friends of Nature (Level 1, Fits the theme)
    • --Natural Shielding (Level 2)
    • --The Oncoming Storm (Level 3)
    • --Summon Dryad Elder (Level 4) (Does this replace another summon, so if I had a Dryad or Elder Fire Elemental, would they be replaced, or is it in addition to?)

    • Animal Growth (Level 5)
    • Fang: Magic, Align (Level 1/2)
    • Pack Aptitude (Level 5)
    • Pack Presence (Level 2)
    • Tenacious Pack (Level 6)
    • Mass, Ability Score (Level 6)

    Obviously healing spells and the summon natures ally line goes without saying.

    • Necklace of Mystic Eidolons

    Any other items that benefit summons, or would allow for other benefits from the above feats, enhancements, etc, etc?


    @ 30 (Numbers in parenthesis include spell buffs.)
    • Base Creature.
    • +16 Ability Scores. (+4 Enhancement, +6 Circumstance to One, +4 Size to Strength, +4 Size to Constitution, -2 Size to Dex) [PLs would make it an additional +6].
    • +70 Melee & Ranged Power.
    • +120 Spell Power.
    • +75 MRR.
    • +110 PRR.
    • +200 HP.
    • +10% Dodge.
    • +150% (180%) Fortification.
    • +On a kill, +40% movement & +20% attack speed for 12 seconds.
    • +5% chance to ignore incoming damage entirely. Does not affect any incoming Positive, Negative, or Repair effects.
    • +1% chance to knockdown enemies.
    • +1% chance to deal 20d20 sonic damage.
    • +1% chance to deal 20d20 lightning damage.
    • +Evasion.
    • (+60 Healing Amplification).
    • (+5 Enhancement weapon/Align weapon).

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    I have also been looking into something like this, the only problem is I have no way to test it. I think that the wolf pet would do a lot of damage and the pet would be my main focus. However, While I take a lot of feats to make my pet viable I think the next step i this build is to also have your character be viable. Somehow finding a way to have a decent Earthquake DC on EE would suffice, as well as having the gear you need to help keep a party and your wolf healed. Those are just my thoughts and opinions. If you or anybody else does any research on this please let me know

    PS: You should not need that necklace since you are already taking the augmented summons feat.

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