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    Default Three Finger Thad's Pawn Broker

    Hello guys.

    My guild airship Three Finger Thad's Pawn Brokers are not working well. Armor and weapons sold are not in list to buy. And the halfing buys nothing. Is it only in my ship. I've submited a ticket and no response till now.

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    This Amenity is probably in need of an update, and in my opinion - a full modification. First, a discussion about the current Amenity you have --

    Thad's has only low-grade pawn vendors, who like other pawn vendors isolate their buy/sell capability to specific item types (Clothing, Armor, and Weapon vendors in Thad's), and in addition, they restrict the valuation of the select items they will buy back from you, to just the very lowest tier of loot (typically, the 'best' level 1 wield loots, perhaps level 3 for some of them but would have to test). There is no Jewelry pawn vendor in Thad's (an oversight, in my opinion).

    So, what could Thad's become? A one-stop pawn vendor Amenity that crosses all loot thresholds. My suggestion to the game developers: modify Thad's to do the following:

    - Add a Jewelry pawn vendor.
    - Enable each pawn vendor in Thad's to have no valuation restriction, so that while the Clothing vendor will restrict to type item, it won't restrict based on valuation across all tiers of loot. If this mod were made - Thad's would make for a great Amenity to consolidate pawn transactions on Guild Airships.
    - The General Vendor, Thad himself, should have his inventory changed to equal that of the 2 x General Vendors in House Phiarlan and House Jorasco that sell a long list of items to include Storage Bags.

    Thad's is an Amenity - it must be earned and placed in a Guild Airship, potentially posing a hard choice between a buffing Amenity and use, so Thad's needs to be modified to reflect an earned value for a Guild, and have long term utility for Guilds that have members of all varying levels and loots.
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    Seems like it is gone worse with the time.
    We have a small Guild with mainly level 1-10 Chars.
    Everyone is mourning that they never have anything that the pawns will buy.

    Making it to a useless Amnetie for a medium size Guild ship (Stormglory Typhoon), which has very limited space.

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