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    Default Does the spell Protection From Evil (level 1) still give immunity to Command spell?

    I was running through Von 3 on EH tonight with my Morninglord (Cleric 1 Rogue 6 Arty 13 Epic 5). My two Cleric spells are Protection from Evil and Nightshield, both to give me important immunities (Command and Magic Missiles).

    However, near the end of the mission, when you jump past the geyser into the large room filled with Trolls and the Scorpion caster, I found myself knocked down to the ground by an enemy spellcaster. I looked up on my screen and saw the down-pointing finger of the command spell, as well as above it my Protection from Evil still active. I moused over the protection from evil at the top of the screen and it made no mention of providing immunity from magical mental control and compulsions, but when I moused over the icon on my hotbar it mentioned them there.

    So, have we had this taken away from us without our knowing?

    Also, because it is ridiculous that it's been known for so many years and not fixed, but the maxed out Silver Flame Talisman provides Protection from Evil but still does not provide the benefits of the spell against the Command knockdown. Please put this one on the list of To-Dos.

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    It have a small bug. While the spell timer have a minimum duration of 5 minutes, the "immunity to compulsion spells" part is still timed at 1 minute per caster level. If you are casting it as a cleric spell (or drinking the marketplace potion that have CL 1), it only protects you during that first minute on the timer.

    Shield had a similar bug when they changed many buff spells to have a minimum duration of 5 minutes, with the magic missile immunity expiring after one minute. Since MM is a lot more common than command (and shield is self-only, while protection from evil you usually receive from a friendly higher level cleric), it was noticed faster and fixed faster.
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    Oh wow. That certainly puts a crimp in my plans. Hey Devs? Any chance of a little fix for this?

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    In addition to what nibel said, since you're an Arti, you can easily scroll Magic Circle against Evil. This will give you the full five minutes of advertised protection.
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