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    Default The Purple Dragon Knights are recruiting (Ghallanda)

    The King of Cormyr has established an Eberron chapter of the Purple Dragon Knights to help fight Lloth and her minions. Any and all available soldiers are requested to volunteer for duty in the new land.

    Qualifications: PDK characters only

    This is a very casual guild, no scheduled raids or events. At least while small, if it ever gets large enough, organized events can be considered. It is currently level 30 and has an airship. The airship has a Farshifter's Chambers to allow quick and easy access to locales within Eberron. RP is fully welcome but not required.

    To join up, just send in-game letter via the mail to: Aeolayndria Bladeswinger (Battlemaster of the Eberron Chapter of the PDK)
    Your transfer paperwork will be returned to you and you can report for duty.

    Only the leader of the guild may be ranked "Battlemaster", the successor of guild leadership is "Oversword", officers may choose any of the Commissioned Officer ranks, and members have access to all the Enlisted Ranks.


    Enlisted Ranks:
    Rank | Rough Earth/U.S. equivalent
    ------------------ | --------------------------------------------------
    Blade | Private, Corporal
    First Sword | Sergeant, Staff Sergeant
    Swordmajor | Master Sergeant, Gunnery Sergeant, Sergeant Major

    Commissioned Officer Ranks:
    Rank | Rough Earth/U.S. equivalent
    ------------------ | --------------------------------------------------
    Swordcaptain | Lieutenant
    Lionar | Captain
    Ornrion | Major - Lt. Colonel
    Constal | Colonel

    General Officer Ranks:
    Rank | Rough Earth/U.S. equivalent
    ------------------ | --------------------------------------------------
    Oversword | Brigadier General - Major General (1-2 stars)
    Battlemaster | Lieutenant General - General (3-4 stars)
    Lord High Marshal | General of the Army (5-star) + Chairman of the JCS
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