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    Default A collection of teaching raid videos for new players

    Hey e1!

    The High Lords of Malkier on Sarlona have been hosting community teaching raids for new players during the winter and spring every year since 2014. Below is a collection of videos and live streams of the events that I wanted to post here as a resource for all.

    This collection represents every raid in the game!

    Our 2020 teaching raid series has begun, so if you are on Sarlona and are newer to raiding and want to attend our teaching raids, see the Sarlona forum for details and events are now live streamed on my Twitch channel vooduspyce

    Project Nemesis 5/16/20 (live stream)

    Too Hot to Handle (live stream tutorial)

    Killing Time 2/9/19 (live stream)

    Old Baba's Hut and The Curse of Strahd 5/12/18 (live stream)

    • Baba starts at about 8:00
    • Strahd starts at about 53:00

    Riding the Storm Out 1/13/18 (live stream)

    Shroud 1/3/15

    Legendary Shroud 1/7/17 (live stream)

    Epic Demon Queen (Zawabi's Revenge) 1/10/15

    Epic Chronoscope 1/17/15

    Hound of Xoriat (heroic and legendary) live stream 3/11/17 (pathing shown to heroic raid, using the hall tanking method. At the end of the heroic instance I discuss and compare the various methods)

    A Vision of Destruction 1/24/15 (with pathing shown)

    Fire on Thunder Peak 5/9/15

    Temple of the Deathwyrm 1/31/15

    Caught in the Web 2/14/15

    Mark of Death 2/28/15

    Tower of Despair 3/7/15

    Abbot (Accursed Ascension) 3/14/15 (all puzzles shown)

    Reaver's Fate 3/21/15

    Fall of Truth 3/21/15

    Epic Vault of Night (VON 5) 3/28/15

    Epic Plane of Night (VON 6) 3/28/15

    Twilight Forge (Titan pre-raid) 4/25/15

    Titan Awakes 4/25/15

    Epic Master Artificer 5/2/15 (with pathing shown)

    Epic Lord of Blades 5/2/15 (with pathing shown)

    Defiler of the Just 1/21/17 (live stream)

    Legendary Tempest's Spine 4/1/17 (live stream) ...This is a MOD and TS event. TS starts at 1:18 in the video.

    Also check out my Learning to Solo Raids video and you can find more raid videos on my Youtube channel!
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    Default Legendary Hound of Xoriat added!

    Our teaching raid series is back for 2016 and is now in its 3rd week!

    Legendary Hound of Xoriat is a new addition for our teaching raid series, so I made a video of the event.
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    Default 2017 Teaching Raid Series goes live streaming

    I've added a lot of supplemental videos to the list since I made the op. I also just added the live stream of the Legendary Shroud teaching raid that we did last Saturday.

    I am planning on live streaming most of our teaching raids this year, so if you're not on Sarlona and can't join us, you can watch them live! I will be streaming through my Youtube channel

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    Default Riding the Storm Out added!

    I've added our live streamed teaching raid of the new u35 raid Riding the Storm Out to the list! This raid has only been out for a few weeks, so new information and strategies may emerge, but this shows how the raid works on LN and I discuss tips and important mechanics to get you started if you're newer to it!

    [edit]: I removed the video that was here and replaced it in the op with a newer live stream we did on 1/13/18, which has more information about raid mechanics that we didn't understand as well when it first came out.
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    Default 2018 Teaching raid live streams

    I wanted to let everyone know that our 2018 teaching raid series has begun! We are live streaming the events again this year on my youtube channel, so even if you're not on Sarlona, you can watch, learn and ask questions about some of the raids that you are new to or still learning. Every week I post details of the events in the Sarlona forum, which will typically be every Saturday at 9pm EST during the winter and spring.

    I am planning to add the new Ravenloft raids to the op list soon

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    Killing Time added!

    Our 2019 teaching raid series is in full effect and we've had great attendance so far! If you're on Sarlona and new to raids and you're interested in attending our teaching raids, check out the Sarlona forum for details of our weekly teaching raid events throughout the winter and spring.
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    Not entirely off topic...

    Is/are there some raid(s) you'd recommend to solo for farming Greater Tokens for ETR?

    I'm guessing Chronoscope would have to be toward the top - any others, or any general advice in that direction?
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    Quote Originally Posted by C-Dog View Post
    Not entirely off topic...

    Is/are there some raid(s) you'd recommend to solo for farming Greater Tokens for ETR?

    I'm guessing Chronoscope would have to be toward the top - any others, or any general advice in that direction?
    EDQ is an easy solo farm.

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    Default Too Hot to Handle added

    I've added a tutorial of Too Hot to Handle to the op. This is a narrated tutorial I made on live stream from videos of 2 different runs so that I could show and discuss both top and bottom lever puzzles

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    Default Project Nemesis added

    We did our Project Nemesis teaching raid last night and added the video to the op

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