Willing to trade various items from most servers for something of any worth in the Argo server (my main server).

There's not a lot, but worth a shot.

On all servers, I have a lot of low level collectables and cannith crafting mats, plus chump change (up to 20k plat).

On Orien, I have a +1 CON tome, a +1 WIS tome, a +1 intimidate tome, and a small dragonshard fragment.

On Cannith, I have a Snowy Owlbear Pet Cert. and....it looks like a Muckbane.

Wayfinder has another Snowy Owlbear Pet Cert. and a +1 INT tome.

Thelonis has the same pet cert.

So, if you have any unwanted anything on the Argo server, and want to make a trade, I can dual-screen DDO (one character in each server so that the trade happens as simultaneously as possible), or, if you can't dual window it, you'd have to send first, then I'll send first after. Tired of getting burned on cross-server trades.