Awesome job on v3.1.5!! So many changes, new race, new iconic, new Inquisitive tree. This is used by so many DDO players, you should be on SSG's payroll, or at least have an honorary lifetime VIP account as creating a character plan increases game interest.

A couple of things I noticed from this last version, which I just work around is:
1) Falconry T4 "Shared Vision" has only one rank. I just take one rank when planning, but it offers 3 ranks (easy data fix I think).
2) This other probably not practical to change now, but just want you to be aware of it. The Ultimate Sharn bundle gives a +1 "Universal Enhancement Point Tome" to every character and it applies only to Falconer, Harper, Inquisitive & Vistani trees. With the planner I just add 1 extra racial AP as if I had an extra racial AP tome, but it does cause some minor glitches, because it expects me to spend that point for racial AP. Is there a way I could change a data file to allow AP past life/tomes to apply to both racial & universal trees?