Ahhh cracks his knuckles and pops his neck.

Sup fellow pikers,slackers,squelcher's,singeheads?

You crazy puggers , with your stories and trials. Have been a lot of fun to run with.
So I wanted to take a moment to thank all of yah that still group and pug.
The game has changed in a good way. So many on Thelanis looking out for others.
I don't care what Ghallanda says about yah . You guys are alright.
Seriously with the contributions of so many here. It has really turned into a great place .
I can't even find a guild to hate on. Grumbles......
Its true I've tried.

Dev's show us some love for all the years of loyalty here. Toss us a bone, with a shinny new server.
Epic Shroud.... Your not going to get a better chance
Its the most beloved raid, in the history of D D O.
You guys have a very good chance to make something special. And money .
I love this game and most of the ones involved with it. Planning to, rock it to the wheels fall of it.
And if the wheels don't fall of and it continues to go on like, a f'kin propulsion engine.
Than my sons will pick up the torch and run with it.

Thank you
Docsin - Leader of " Disciples of Sin "