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    Default EE MoD Pug Spots Thursday 30th 4.00PM Eastern

    BrattyTop Airlines is planning a Raid flight of MoD in an effort to polish our skills and expand the number of people who have completed EE MoD runs on our server.
    If there is enough interest in this it may happen a few times next week too!
    At 3:00 PM I, Poppytop of Khyber, will be on Poppytop and be taking applications for the open spots. I will be being picky, this raid is still difficult and requires party cohesion and composition to do well on EE, and not being picky would be a disservice to everyone involved, please be gracious with this we have limited spots.
    At 4:00 PM I plan to have the party setup; This is when we will be last check for necessary consumables (Curse pots, SP pots, Silver Flame pots, Res scrolls, Resto pots and scrolls, Wands of Flame Arrow, Pots of Deathword, "It's Time to Die" pots[see Ozzgood to get those :P], etc) (It would be nice if you had these already, self checks are very helpful)
    At 4:10 PM I plan to fully explain the raid; Those who have been in BrattyTop Flights in the past know this can be quite detailed.
    At 4:20 PM I plan to be STEPPING INTO the raid on EPIC HARD. Please note this run will most likely be recorded.
    At 4:45 PM I will be reforming the raid group to make space for veterans of the previous "The Khyber Pug" EE runs into the party; I currently have 7 people who think they can make it from this group, but keep in mind real life may happen so this number is highly subject to change.
    At 4:55 PM I want to have everyone in party, at the raid entrance, ready to step in and with the room and role assignments typed out into party chat.
    At 5:00 PM I will be stepping into the raid, hopefully with a full party of prepared toons and players at my back. This run will most likely be recorded.
    At 5:09:57 I hope to be considering how to do the forum post for a sub 10 min run of the raid on EE.

    Please note that this is a very long span of time for a rather short raid; putting these togeather is NOT EASY. Mostly what I think we will need is high quality self sufficient DPS, knowing how to get to the rooms blind is a major plus.

    God, Internet, FSM, and Lag willing I hope to see you there,
    Poppytop of Khyber, the person who does most of the talking and the least of the killing(Bratt is very vicious) in BrattyTop Airlines.
    Poppytop of Khyber; I have no alts. Sodapoppy, Poppydieslot, and Poppytart may never be seen in the same party as me but, I assure you, that is because of reasons other than their being alts.
    Come party with the Poppy! Join the BrattyTop flight!

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    way to go Poppy and Bratty love that you guys give back to the community and happy to call you guys friends. I'm uncertain how long it will take me to drive back from the states tomorrow, so if I don't see you guys, I wish you all the best on this flight and will catch you next time
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    Will there be peanuts on this flight?

    Not sure if I can make it but lots of luck and I'm sure you guys will have a blast!
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