So currently I'm working through my third life after which I'll have a monk, ranger, and rogue past life.

Let's be honest though, those are some pretty bad past lives, +1 SA damage on Rogue and +1 Damage on Monk are the only even SOMEWHAT useful ones.

ANYWAYS, I was thinking a Dex Based either Elf or Drow Elf because of the rapier and/or shortsword enhancements (and because the only decent higher level gear I have gives things like insightful dex +2 and these 2 are dex based)

So I was MOSTLY thinking Drow Elf because it has rapier AND shortsword enhancements, the CHA based spell/SLA, and the starting bonuses to Cha, Int, AND Dex. This would be my fourth life so it would be a 32 point drow build.

- MINIMUM 12 levels Bard
- Trapping Abilities
- Stalwart Defender (AC and PRR boosts in addition to the free +6 CON and 20% Health)
~ However, if we can make up for this durability elsewhere, I'm open to suggestions

So this is my Original Plan

Drow Elf

10 Str 2
18 Dex 10
14 Con 10
12 Int 2
10 Wis 2
16 Cha 6

12 Bard, 6 Fighter, 2 Rogue

1 Rogue
2-4 Bard
5-10 Fighter
11 Rogue
12-20 Bard

I'm not sure on enhancements or feats, but I know I want SWF and Shield Mastery Lines.

Thanks for any input and assistance!