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    Default Request: Pure Heavy Armor, S&B Paladin Divine Crusader Build

    Been waiting to see the builds pop up since the pass, was hoping to see a Pure Heavy Armored Sword and Board Paladin with DC EDs

    I've been playing around on the planner - but I am not sure my ideas are legit... can some one post a decent build so I can compare... I'd most likely be going Human, 1 Paladin Past Life (+3 tomes in Strength, Constitution & Charisma) - but I may start a 1st life BF Iconic too ( No tomes) - so either or both would be awesome...

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    I've theorycrafted a couple of pure pally tank builds: both human and dwarf. I've also got a BF pally who's still got a raider's box; thinking of LRing into S&B build with Mornh for Stunning bonuses.
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