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On the face of it, without additional complexity, this kind of system encourages short-manning as much as possible. Being able to solo a raid (admittedly tough for current epic Abbot) would give 12x as much chance at loot as a full raid.

Is that desirable?
I understand there is a fine line between not giving enough and giving too much, as indicated by the Raider's Reward Box situation. Those boxes KILLED the Caught in the Web raid's frequency.

But apathy kills as well. As someone who used to want the Epic Torc from Sands, I understand how the grind can wipe the luster from the quest for a sweet item--

This is about giving people stuff without going Monty Haul on them. Greensteel had the perfect balance of itemization and desire along with the carrot insofar as the Thirteenth Eclipse is still run by level 28 toons.

The trick here is to have multi-tiered items that are powerful, and at each tier evolve into a more useful item with a non-trivial ability (and increasing an items Frost spell crit from 16% to 17% is not that.) Caught in the Web suffered from that problem--the upgrades were marginal at best, and the drop rates of the commendations were abysmal, making the upgrades just not worth it.

What I'm trying to say is, a crippling fear of power creep can be just as devastating as the power creep itself. People want to feel powerful. They want to vanquish the baddies and take down the villain to much rejoicing. But power is not simply DPS, no matter how much you want it to be. Power is also self-sufficiency, flexibility, and survivability. Standing alive after being surrounded by umpteen monsters and taking them all down, even if it takes awhile, is a great feeling. That's why the alert system is such a pain. But that is a digression for another day...