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Did you take my suggestion to heart about running under-level and using dungeon scaling to find the challenge you are looking for?

My gimp static party just got finished doing the madness chain at level 13 (it's 17 on HE). None of us had run the adventures more than once (a long time ago). We pretty much cake walked it (with no raid gear and no uber builds, etc)... until that final battle with Yalthoon. We got owned there on the beholder/flayer/render spawn.

We leveled to 14 and are going to try again...

Point being that while I agree that much of the HE content is too easy for 1st life, at level or below level characters these days (largely due to power creep)... there are some mechanics in the game that can help you find the challenge you are looking for. You can not just accept the stated levels of dungeons as being entirely accurate. The game is too diverse to get this right for every player. But you can be proactive about finding your sweet spot.

Start by running dungeons while you are 5 levels under. Adjust down if it is too tough. And if that does not do it for you, put dungeon scaling to work by adding players (up to 4 for max scaling) until you've pretty much found the highest difficulty you can get in HE.

Somewhere in that spectrum you will probably find the challenge vs reward you are looking for.
There are too many problems with artificially adjusting difficulty to even go into, gearing, experience, grouping. It's not a solution to game design or this thread. I'd love to just leave it at that.

Also dude, Yaulthoon is a uniquely difficult fight, using the hardest fight anywhere close to that level range as an example is fudging it a little bit don't you think? How about the rest of the chain? Or any of the 100 other quests within 5 levels in either direction? You're underleveled, on the highest difficulty, and if you're attempting yaulthoon, I guarantee you're blowing through everything else. Yet you're using all that as evidence that there isn't a problem? You've just made my point perfectly. Fix the difficulties, just a little. I'd be happy with a modest health increase and a corresponding xp per min increase.

Also the games diversity is not reflected in its dungeon system. in heroic there's only one difficulty that gets used. It's a problem, I promise.