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    Default DDOCast 348 - Starting Over

    Samius and Voodu join the cast for a first look at Update 23 and discuss the prospect of Starting Over!

    Check out for mp3 audio, our show calendar, swag, archives, and more!

    Look for me in game. Over the next several weeks I will be periodically logging into all servers (character: ddocastone) and asking a series of questions in exchange for prizes! Follow us on twitter to find out when and where I will be!

    Episode 350 is coming up soon! Join me in game where I will be holding an open cast recording. I’ll be on Khyber starting at 4p pacific time on Saturday Sept 6th. Stop by for a few minutes to say hi or ask that question you’ve always wanted to!

    Want to support the show? You can feed the kobolds (give money) on our website or you can send in game items to the character "ddocastone" on any server! We use such things to support the show and give out prizes.

    News - 2:47
    Starting Over - 50:55
    Lightning Post: Light vs Dark Monks - 1:18:35
    Closing - 1:25:35

    Update 23 Release Notes
    DDO Chronicle 106
    Community Update Video 8/22/14
    Weekly Wed: Shavarath
    Summer Fling #9: Gwylan’s Stand
    Steiner-Davion PDK Swashbuckler
    PAX Prime Gathering for Buffs
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    Oh, starting over... I don't think I could do that again, but pretty much all of us European players went through that when the game went F2P, since the European servers were almost dead at the time, with the exception of the iirc 300 or so players who stayed until the bitter end - and it wasn't just a case of starting over, it was starting over & OMG THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE!

    Was pretty funny too finding that over voice i could often understand people with English as a 2nd language better than some US players - I remember at the time a lot of the established US players being surprised at how well these new arrivals could play with minimal gear & not sure, but could well have been the start of (or at least a strong influence on) people in general being more aware of the whole BYOH concept on non-divines, in large part because it was one of the only ways for us to actually be able to play without waiting an hour for a group to form.

    Oh, and light vs. dark monk - i have a light side ninja spy too, i think of her more as a jedi - she's great fun
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