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    Default Life after level 20

    EDIT: DERP! After I posted this I noticed that thread over that already answered a lot of my questions for now - although additional comments will be appreciated. /Thx Mac

    Ok, so I'll be hitting 20 on my Evasion Paladin and Tempest Trapper in the very near future.
    These are first life's and I have never TR'ed before.

    I want to start thinking about what I want to do with these characters and about 3 or 4 others that are currently at 15+ and will be hitting 20 after these first two.

    I don't really know anything about life after 20, Epics, TR's, Past life's, etc.

    My long term - big picture goal has always been to tack on a few PLs to my Paladin and run my Tempest through epics and then tack on ELs (or maybe I got that backwards - My paladin is my main and I want him to have the best outcome.)

    How do I select which would benefit from Heroic PL's and which would be better to run in Epics and ETR?
    How do I TR - is there in game options or are store bought Hearts the only way?
    What should I TR into? and how many PLs would I want to have if I eventually want to end up pretty much the same build (only better) that I am now?

    I looked at the wiki and Im sure that (as with most things on the wiki) it makes sense after you know what they are talking about - but for now not having any XP or knowledge in the after 20 world - it doesn't make many things clearer and i iz cunfoozed

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    The only thing I would really recommend is picking one character to TR and focus on it. Depending on the build you could end up investing a lot of time and effort. You could potentially be running multiple 3x lives as a specific class, depending on what bonuses you're after. And then there's equipment to farm for.

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    I will try to answer as best I can…

    First, for a tr, after 20, for a normal (lets say paladin) past life, you can use tokens of the twelve, comms, or seeds to trade for a heart of True Druidic Heart of Wood

    My first tr, I just traded in tokens. If you run with a group, just say that you need tokens, and most people will give them to you. Running raids, and epic quests in Eberron. Not the new stuff in Forgotten Realms will usually get you fragments or in raids, and some quests, full pieces.

    You can farm out some quests like devil assault, but if you are just hitting 20 for the first time, I would say have fun and run some of the new content.

    Pick a good epic destine for your class, like Unyielding Sentinel or maybe Divine Crusader for the paladin. I noticed that on a first life, with no epic destine, quests were much harder. Once you get some levels in a epic destine, it makes things easier. Leveling epic destinies can be a pain because once you get it maxes, when its all good to use, and you have everything unlocked, you don’t get any more ex, and you have to switch to a level 0 ed in order to level it. Which you want to do if you want “twists” which, are also very nice.

    But if you want to get heroic past lives. Get a heart of wood, and tr. (not as easy as it sounds) but I can usually get plenty of tokens by playing casually for a few days.

    Past lives. Obviously pick ones that you think will best benefit your “final” build. Which, you may not even know what that is. But lets say its going to be a paladin. Some fighter past lives, barb, monk, maybe druid if you solo a lot. (hires) all seem to have decent past lives if you want to spend the time. And, it is some time…

    It all depends on how much time you want to spend on it.

    It can be fun running though with a more powerful character, and seeing what you are capable of. But it does take time. Same with ETR. Epic true reincarnation.

    For that, you need seeds, (which you get by running a quest at level 28) or a lot of coms. Commendation of Valor . you also need to have a “sphere” maxed out. 6milling xp. So if you were doing the divine sphere you would need divine crusader, exalted angle, and unyielding sentinel all maxed. Just for 1 etr. For that etr, you only get to pick one destinies to get a past life from.

    ETR just brings you back to 20, so you keep on running epics. But the active past lives do work in heroic levels. Which are also really nice.

    It all depends on play style, and how much time you want to put into a build. Some people do well in epics with a first life, but it can be hard. Elite is scaled to expect people with past lives running im maxed out destinies. Some manage without any of that, but I cant.

    My main, a sorc, currently has 7 past lives, and 1 epic past life. Started as a cleric, and I was not doing well in epic content. So I tr’ed him into something a little better. It’s a long project.

    On thing that can make a tr easier, is farm out some equipment to make it easier for your next life. Shroud items are great. Clickies. Especially deathward clickys. There is still a great tr checklist that I check every once in a while before I tr. Still don’t have everything, but each life I get a little closer.

    I would like to be a completionist one day. But it does take me a while to go through each life, and the idea of a triple completionist blows my mine. Add on the Epic completionist, and…. Well… its daunting.

    I am starting with the past lives that I think will best benefit me. And then I play builds that I think would be fun, and maybe different for me. Keep it changing. It keeps things fun.

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    Default Welcome to Epics

    I like to play with 5 different toons. Each has TR'd a few times and one is a completionist. The reason I play 5 is to have variety of quests and to be able to run with friends depending on what lvl characters they have.

    I would suggest that you take at least one of your characters all the way to cap so you can see the epic quests as they are fun. As suggested above run some of the Eberron epics to gather fragments and tokens of the 12 to trade for a heroic heart of wood. Devil assault on normal can give you 2 tokens per completion and it only takes 20 for a heart.

    I have one toon that has only tr'd once but has maxxed out his eds while my completionist has not maxxed any of the ED's but is now working on it.

    Simply make a goal then go for it. This game is a lot of fun as long as you surround yourself with like minded gamers.

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