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    Default Make PRR effect heaviier armos more.

    For example you could have PRR work at like 1x for cloth, 2x for light, 3x for mediums and 4x for heavy.

    Also make mobs smart enough to not run themselves through player blade barriers and go around them instead!

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    the prr and mrr are currently discussed in another thread (official turbine discussion section, Armor Up - Developer Diary #1)

    as for the AI, i wouldn't mind but due to all of the years of pilling on code over code and the stress servers have in order to keep up with that i think this would be a really bad idea.

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    Yeah I think you'll be happy with the armor changes...its not a straight mult like that, but heavy armor is definitely going to get way better physical mitigation.

    As for mobs avoiding thanks Not only would that really tick off most melee divines and Artis who rely on BB kiting, but what would happen if you just stood in the middle of your BB? Melee mobs just would run around it in circles while you spammed SLAs, since their AI prevented them from crossing BBs? Or drop a chain of BBs to wall off a passageway so you could range mobs behind it at your leisure?

    Just too much room for exploitation when you start giving mobs predictable behaviors like that. Even the iconic suggestion "make hirelings avoid traps" has that same problem - what if they cant go around it?

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