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    Default Shroud...Portal Frgments & Orthon Parts

    I have heard reference recently to Shroud Portal Fragments and Orthon Parts. I'm not familiar with this. I believe I heard that there were some Shroud Mechanics in the past that Turbine has abandoned.

    Anyone know more about this? What's the story?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kinggartk View Post
    Anyone know more about this? What's the story?
    Well, remember the situation when Shroud came out. The devs (or their bosses) knew they had to virtually abandon the game, with no real updates for over a year, so existing content had to last a long time. They achieved that by giving Shroud much better loot than available anywhere else, but requiring many runs to get, plus a bit of randomness and group-fillerness to the gameplay. (What I mean by "group fill" is that Shroud was easier with 12 people, while in all previous DDO raids you only needed maybe 3-7 people and the rest either didn't help or slowed you down)

    I don't know why they decided to focus essentially 100% of the game's replayability in that single Shroud raid, but whatever...

    They also tried some other approaches to making Shroud content last longer, like adding 4 optional "side quests" to Shroud. You'd get these quests by talking to Eladrin NPCs standing on the upper rim of Meridia, and complete them by collecting a bunch of items dropped by monsters inside Shroud. They never finished it in any semi-decent way, but left the incomplete stuff in to confuse people. There were 2 items that dropped and were used in quests, 2 that the quest guys wanted but that didn't exist, and 2 that dropped by weren't used. All that happened if you managed to finish one of the quests was a bunch of XP (which was stupid because anyone who ran Shroud a lot would've been XP capped already).

    Also it took way more than a year to finish one, unless you convinced your whole team to try spending 5 hours farming respawning Gnoll healers. And in general the idea of collecting item drops from Shroud mobs wasn't entertaining, because it's not like players inside Shroud really had a choice about killing mobs or not.

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    AFAIK the collectables you speak of were supposed to be turned in for 'something' to the NPC's scattered among the walls of Meridia who you'll find if you go exploring around there. However none of them have ever been activated as collectors and they don't take anything from or give anything to you.

    Perhaps they'll 'epicify' the Vale one day and this mechanic will be corrected...
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    Yes this is correct, I played Paladins, even pure Paladins before Update 23!!!

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