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Thread: Am I Trippin'?

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    Default Am I Trippin'?

    Monks should get an inherent bonus to the trip skill. I mean as it currently works Conan the Barbarian would trip you every time and Bruce Lee never would. Thoughts??

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    I think monks should get a -40 Penalty to the Balance Skill against Trip effects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by avenger7 View Post
    Monks should get an inherent bonus to the trip skill. I mean as it currently works Conan the Barbarian would trip you every time and Bruce Lee never would. Thoughts??
    monks aren't likely to actively trip you. Knocking an opponent with a longer reach onto the ground just means you now have to watch the ground too. A martial artist will attempt to force his opponent off balance, which is represented by the unbalancing strike enhancement.
    Unbalancing Strike: Water Ki Melee Attack: You have learned several joint strikes. You can attack these weak points of your opponent, throwing them off balance for a short period of time. This reduces their armor class by 2, applies a -10 penalty to their Balance skill, and renders them vulnerable to sneak attacks. A successful Reflex save negates this effect (DC 10 + Half Monk Level + Wisdom modifier + Trip modifiers). The target receives periodic saves to attempt to break free of this effect.
    the main issue here is that trip provides a form of cc, while this technique doesn't adequately represent what it would in RL. To be closer to RL, I'd say -10% armor, -10% balance, chance on taking damage of being knocked down.

    However, monks are OP enough without adding to them, so I'd say things are fine for now.

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    If done right, Monks wouldn't be *just* Monks:

    They had different types of martial arts, maybe racial inspired or direct from this very planet with its myriads of combined martial art styles and original styles.

    Depending the style Monks had different animated stances and attack routines.

    Depending on style, the Trip maneuver used a different main stat and had different bonuses.

    But then, this applies to all other fighting styles in DDO and they are equally simplified and thus, special attacks like Trip use only one main stat. I think that is okay. The work for creating details like mentioned above was too high and I am doubtful that this had no effect on the active combat. Sometimes I get stuck for more than 1 second when switching an item, now think about this switching induced lag and another stance induced lag.....
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    Default trippin'

    yes you are !

    Quote Originally Posted by lugoman View Post
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